Month: May 2015

Genetic Engineering and Other Obsurdities

Science is a world of ignorance punctuated by bits of insight. This truth is evident in such human endeavors as: pharmaceuticals, evolution, education, genetically modified organisms “GMO”, gene patents, sociology, cosmology (the granddaddy of them all), physics (notably nuclear physics), to name a few.  There will always be problems when you monkey with correctly engineered things. This is so important to realize when considering altering the genetics of living things. I realize that the genomes of all living things are subject to decay and after innumerable replications of these wonderful creatures all around us and ourselves, and the forces at work , that some of the original genetic information has decayed as well. This level of engineering is so far above anything that has ever come out of science that it makes our feeble attempts look like mud pies. So, why are we trying to fix it, or worse yet, modify it? Do the drug companies ever listen to the disclaimers in their commercials? Just think of growing use of bacterial genetic material  being spliced into corn genes to make them produce a pesticide that will protect the corn from bugs. Will that pesticide end up in the corn we eat? Will…

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Things are Coming Together

I certainly don’t want to rush into limbo by ranting all about the blunders that our government has been making. After all, don’t we elect them? What good would it do anyway since we have allowed them to open the flood gates via the unregulated “internet” giving the world of criminals access to our banks, our healthcare system and educational institutions across Bill’s info superhighway 80, so to speak… Now with all this globalism and the notion that this is “our” planet and that we need to save it from “global warming”. So, have we really taken over the world? This planet is, and always has been, owned by it’s Creator and He will determine its fate. Of this you can be sure! Having said that, you can also be sure that all the prophecies of the Bible must be fulfilled. The Creator came to us as Jesus and told us that “heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away”. It’s wonderful to see His plan being worked out in this age of free and open communication worldwide which is enabling His people to fulfill Jesus’ prophecy, “And this good news of the kingdom will be preached in the…

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