Month: March 2015

After This

I saw a movie recently that was all about supposed experiences of people who have somehow come back from “near death”. They tell of waking up in a heavenly place or find themselves floating above their body looking down and so forth.  But, in none of these has the person actually experienced death where the bodily functions have stopped, their skin turned black, rigor-mortis has set in and decay has begun. The kind of death experienced by Lazarus in the Bible whom Jesus raised back to life. These are stories claimed by people who have lost consciousness from coma or trauma of some sort for a brief period. Some say that there are departed people with them that they converse with or are spoke to by. It makes me wonder if some of those that do die will experience a brief taste of heaven prior to their being called to stand before our Creator for His judgment.  Those that die in their sins will be judged and condemned. Before the Lord’s great white throne they will be bound “weeping and gnashing their teeth” and cast into the lake of fire in front of everyone. Those that have been washed clean…

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The Wrecking Ball

If you wanted to take a wrecking ball to science, how would you go about it? No matter how I would do it, by reason, by expose’, by ridicule, by telling of the real majesty and mystery of our Creator’s engineering tour de force, it will always boil down to God’s Word revealing the truth to every mind and heart. Jesus Christ came to open our eyes to the truth. Science was promoted by Tom Huxley as a way to substitute the truth with man’s notions. The core of modern science rests on bogus notion of “common descent” and the spontaneous creation of all the genetic information within the “genomes” of some 1 million or so known species of creatures that exist or have existed here on earth. Intelligent design sets out to inform us of the more blatant examples of the ways evolution explains nothing but our own stupidity. “The God of the gaps” they retort… But, they fail to realize that the gaps are all we’ve got. I watched the movie about Hawk’s life and was amazed at how selfish and egotistical a man could be. But when you really begin to forget about the truth of our being…

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