Month: February 2015

Man’s Greatest Achievements?

How many heroes are there nowadays? They come in all shapes and forms. Some are living some are dead. But, what are they really? Are they more imagined then real? Actors, musicians, athletes, politicians, preachers, even rebels, outlaws, dogs and cats can become our “heroes”. Yet, the scriptures teach that, “man at his very best is altogether vanity”. So, why do we celebrate people with such intensity and obsession? Is it because we are driven to devotion and we need heroes to bring some hope into our lives that otherwise is missing, or nonexistent? Is it because we aspire to be popular, needing others to love us so that we too can feel valued and appreciated? When I decided to follow Jesus back in 75′ it was the beginning of the end for all my heroes. Our Creator began opening my eyes and understanding to reality and the fact that my great heroes were just human beings like myself. One of my favorite songs goes, “On Christ the solid Rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand…” It’s one of the most profound verses ever written. Why, because it summarizes what truly is the height of human achievement and…

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Entitlements and Vain Things

What happens when you bring science into the Christian Church? Well for one thing you’ll get something referred to as a “theologian”, or a person who is considered a religious expert. One of those fellers from a while back had trouble with understanding a simple word, namely, “predestination” and thought it meant, “predetermination”. He supposed that there were folks determined by the Creator for hell and those determined for heaven. This false understanding of the Biblical concept of “predestination” has taken the “evangelical” Christian world by storm. In this new amalgamation of the doctrine of “predestination” if someone “ask’s Jesus into their heart” as they put it, they will have sealed their “destiny” as a future citizen of God’s kingdom. As these theologians and preachers tell us, “if you genuinely ask Jesus into your heart”, you are now “eternally secure” and can never lose your salvation. So, what they are saying is that salvation becomes an entitlement for anyone who sincerely asks Jesus into their heart. They argue that if the Bible says we have eternal life when we ask Jesus into our heart, it wouldn’t be eternal if we could lose our salvation. It really comes back to what…

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The Lies of Science and the Human Condition

Should we really be surprised that violence is becoming more and more prevalent around the world? This abomination we call, “science”, is turning more a more people away from The God who put us all here. As the teachings of science continue to pour out over humanity like a pyroclastic flow over the souls of people scorching their consciences with contempt for “creationism” and anything that sounds like it and painting godly people as fools, should it come as a surprise that some of those people will actually believe that these “educators” are telling the truth. For a long time I also was sucked into that mess and it wasn’t because I was wanting to know the truth, rather it was because I was careless with trust. I gave merit to the notion that men could understand the things created by Someone far greater than all of us. It really is impossible to comprehend living creatures based on just what we can see and examine. The complexity and richness of all living things goes way beyond the physical. To begin to really understand living things you must always start with an understanding of their Maker. Science not only bypasses this…

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