Month: November 2014

Our Creator as Engineer

Science has been of little real use to humanity. With all of the revelations that have come to light about the awesome engineering that has gone into living things that are all around us, there is almost no credit given to the actual Designer and Sustainer of each and every one. There’s a huge wealth of engineering invested in all the creatures on this planet that we share. The world of science is a world of dry bones, clouds without rain, trees without fruit… I’ve learned to take everything that comes out of it as hopelessly warped and misleading. Giving credit for the universe and everything in it to the wild fantasy that spontaneous generation is. If you have any fondness for reality as I do, let’s examine living things in the light of the actual Engineer behind them. Someone that is actually capable of such wonderful things, such feats of design and integration, beauty and efficiency and the accolades could go on infinitely… (“consider the ant and be wise” the scripture says). How about the beaver? An amazing clever fellow in his own right! They can fell trees all day long with 4 little teeth, dine on the bark and assemble them into…

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Morality and Democracy

I’ll be 61 years old in a few days. Yet, I can still remember a few of the lessons I learned in college. One in particular from sociology had to do with the concept of right and wrong only the term used was “more’”. No, it’s not the word we use for increase or a kind of mushroom! It’s the root of the word, morality. As I recall, the “mores” are the ethical values of a given culture or society. So, if you use the  expression, “moral majority” you are essentially repeating yourself if you are someone within that culture. Morality would be the technical, “scientific”, equivalent of , “politically correct” or “go with the flow” in a sense. One of the defining characteristics of any “culture” is its set of “more’s”. So in order to be a moral in one culture you must always break the rules of morality or more’s of another’s. One culture may see wearing socks as offensive, or a taboo, while another may consider those that don’t wear them as offensive or immoral. So, why does anyone use the phrase, “Moral Majority”? I would think that it reflects a false understanding of the concept unless it truely…

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