Month: September 2014

Primatism, How’s that for You??

For how many years have monkeys been called monkeys in the English tongue? But, that caused problems for those who fell for Darwin and his monkey to man creation fable. OK, change the name of those creatures deemed the most closely “related” to man, “primates”. While they were at it, they tossed man himself into that new bunch of beasts. A diplomatic move I suppose. So, now we are no longer linked directly to the monkeys according to this logical slight of hand. But rather, children of “great apes” and share this new moniker, “primate” with them. I suppose that makes humans the real “king kongs” of the world. I could make up new words all day, but never match the pace at which “science” invents them. Seems like every molecule that’s found in living things has had a complicated “latin sounding” designation given it. And to hear them talk about them sometimes will make your head spin, unless you understand what they’re talkin about. Then it’s just so much like the pushing forward of tumbling dominos. One error drives the next and so on. So, what would you call the practice of inventing new words to cover for an…

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Why is Science Rubbish?

Science came about as the result of the knee-jerk efforts of Thomas Huxley and his cohorts in the X-Club. As a result of the reformation of the “church” that was rather more or less dominated by the Roman christianized form of polytheism, the church had reached an all time low in credibility in the public eyes. Huxley saw “evolution” as just the wedge he needed to elimate Christianity and other religions from the face of the earth. He saw the church and it’s teachings as standing in the way of “scientific discovery and progress” or something like that and brought together some of his like-minded friends into the so called X-Club so that plans could be made for the “advancement of science” as the replacement for the church as the guiding light of the world, so to speak. Since this new “savior” of the world would have to be hard at work converting the masses and leading the flock on to all the greener pastures, it would only be fitting that they get paid and paid well.  When Huxley took over the “Royal Society” he was really able to get his crusade against the church and Christianity into high gear…

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