Month: December 2013

Are You Slipping Away?

The fall of mankind into faith in the strange religion of “evolutionism” is a textbook example of the pathological nature of sin. Our conscience operates to either push us away from what we see as wrong and evil, or to move us to self-justification and thereby drive us deeper into it. Sin is an infectious disease of the heart and mind. Anything that disturbs our conscience causes us to experience discomfort and fear. If we don’t have a solid ethical foundation and a determination to hold on to it, we will be persuaded by our society to abandon our values. Sin is the breaking of God’s Laws. Sin is the dark side of the human conscience. Our conscience moves us to either do what is right or seek God’s forgiveness when we fail to keep God’s law. As we grow up we begin to worry more and more about social acceptance and if our culture is pushing us away from God’s Laws, our pride(or ego) will drive us to go against our conscience causing grief and unhappiness and eventually depression and sickness. As sinners we are constantly looking for ways to turn off our conscience so it won’t eat at us. Television, music,…

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Amazing Creation!

How do you make a code rich in information? Look at the code used for living things. It should be of no surprise that the DNA information storage and retrieval system operates at more than one level. We’ve known for a while that it is encoded to manufacture complex 3 dimensional molecules we call “proteins”. But, it’s been recently discovered that this code also is used to manufacture other sorts things in order to build and run cells. One region of a DNA strand may be encoded with a myriad of instructions and these instructions can overlap each other on the same areas of DNA. This, of course, explodes any notion that the DNA code could have ever been written by random processes, not that there was really any chance of that being possible otherwise anyway. It’s interesting that this discovery has been made at this juncture in the history of mankind. Jesus has made this creation that we are a part of in such a way that we have no excuse whatsoever for ignoring the fact that He engineered everything. During Jesus’ visitation on earth, He was in complete command of nature and was able to overide the natural course…

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How Does Darwinism Survive?

Darwin’s theory is horrible factually, intellectually(I could care less about science!) and logically. The fact that “science” has backed it whole heartedly really emphasizes just how blind and lame the big enterprise is. But, the reality is, how can science be reconciled to its perceived nemisis, the seemingly less sophisticated ‘creationists’? But, the simple argument called, “intelligent design” has sealed Darwin’s fate. Now any “scientist” that tries to refute ID is left being made to look like a kook. To the average public it’s obvious that ID is an evolution killer. It’s the intellectuals and scientists that have for so long bashed and belittled creationists that can’t seem to break free of the antichristian mindset. The mindset that was set in place by Huxley and the X-Club, that science had replaced Christianity as the herald of a new age of human evolution and achievement instead of reconciliation, peace and devotion to our Creator thru Christ Jesus. Thomas Huxley believed that Biblical Christianity had vanished by the 2nd century and that it was now up to scientists to eliminate all vestiges of Christianity and teach the world that we are accidents of nature and our lives are meaningless and death is final….

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