Month: October 2013

The Teachings of Xmas

There are some strange things happening in our society. All while I was growing up Christmas was considered the biggest holiday in the US. There really seemed to be a strong tradition of celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, who was born of a virgin, wrapped in swaddling cloths what that all meant. Gradually though, the celebration of death, darkness, hell and demons has grown into the new passion of our nation. So called, “Halloween” has begun to be celebrated with the same if not more passion as Christmas. This is indicative of a change of heart in our country and much of the worlds. Christmas, as it is celebrated today is just a shell of what it once meant. Christ Jesus has been x’ed out and replaced with Santa. Children are being brainwashed into puting their faith and trust in Santa. I’ve tried to help parents come clean with their children on their lies about the reality of Santa. I worry that their children will resent them for making fools out of them and it will damage their children’s trust in them. Children want to trust their parents and look up to them. The more children love…

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Flies in the Ointment

¬† Flies are Still Flies after How Many Years? What would it be like in a world without flies? Flies keep the world tidy and sanitary. Their babies, known as maggots, eat and disinfect dead and rotting flesh quickly and efficently. They make it much more difficult for deadly diseases to spread and possibly wipe out life on earth. How many T-rex’s would have succombed to gangrene after ¬†being injured in a battle with triceratops had there not been flies around to treat the wounds? Cleanup crews like flies are an important part of any ecosystem. Flies preserved in ancient sap from trees go way back to the days of dinos pretty much unchanged from their present form. Well of course, there’s always been the need for recycling and “decomposition” as the say. So, how could any ecosystem have survived without them? For me, the answer is simple. They’ve likely always been around. Living things tend to be eco-dependent. We need other creatures to tend to our living by maintaining our environment and we need them to tend to our death as well. Why are so many people shamelessly cursing the Engineer that put everything here including ourselves? Won’t the…

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