Month: June 2013

Lust and the Poisoning of the Mind

There is a rising lust epidemic. The world of sexual perversion is raising its distorted head and demanding that we all justify it. Lust has no ethical code once it takes over some one’s life. The lust for same sex gratification is a rebellion against the Creator and his plan for us. When pride takes over the heart it will rebel against its own design and the expectations of his or her Creator obvious in that design. The proud boy rebels against his gender and builds a fantasy of being the other or a girl longing for power over girls that tease her and finds it in exploiting other girls whom they get sick pleasure by dominating them and particularly those that are already abusing their own bodies. It’s well known that the visual element of sexual interest has no identifiable biological basis and there is certainly no pheromonal, subconscious component of same sexual drive. It is simply the choice of the individual persuaded by spiritual and social forces and cultivated by fantasising and perverse sexual encounters and exploitation. Giving into lust seems adventurous and exciting because of the adrenaline rush that comes from danger that can heighten the hormonal…

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Misplaced Dreams

It seems funny to hear someone say that they “misplaced” something. We like to cover for a person that has lost something by saying they “misplaced” it. And it often is said tongue in cheek. But, when it comes to ambitions, so many of those “dreams” of fame and fortune never get realized and it can take its toll on our spirit. I’ve had so many dreams that have faded from view. Some quickly fall to realizations that it takes skills I don’t have or I see past it somehow. Some I’ve put lots of time and effort into and nothing came of it. It always seems that it’s all the other stuff that goes on in between that matters in the long run. Conversations and working in the garden with my wife. Watching birds in the back yard. Or, best of all, reminding a friend that God is there and interested in them. Writing a post on my blog that noone has ever responded to. (except Smokey and some close friends in person) Teaching a group of people about God’s plan! I’ve dreamed of being a scientist, a luthier, an animator, a musician, a world touring motorcyclist, a racecar…

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