Month: May 2013

Darwinism and the Beast

I can’t say for sure that “darwinism” is the beast of the Bible. It sure embodies many of the vile attributes about the beast expressed in it. Darwin, like Satan himself, thought that he could take over God’s creation and make it his own by discrediting the Almighty for its creation and claiming that it created itself  by a complex formulation of spontaneous generation. Spontaneous generation is the notion that living things can arise out of non-living matter on their own somehow. Darwinism is the most hellish permutation of spontaneous generation and the most beguiling one as well considering how many men and women it has lured away from faith in Christ our Savior and the truth about our own creation by Him and for Him. Jesus Christ is Lord forever and Lord of all of His Creation! Blessed is His Name!!! The number of blasphemies that have come out of “science” and men’s mouths and writings cannot be numbered as a result of the state enforced teaching of darwinism in all state-sponsored education in the US, Great Briton and most of the European and Asian continents. The beast in Revelation comes out of the sea which Darwin’s creation story also begins in the…

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What Happened to the Garden?

People will spend their whole lives trying to solve various mysteries and enigmas. For some of us an unsolved murder case can frustrate us to the point of obsession and many sleepless nights. For others maybe it’s the so called Bermuda Triangle, or maybe the chemical makeup of a distant star. Speculation is a human passion that often proves to be way out in left field. Especially about things that we cannot directly observe like if there is life on other planets and such. I suppose there’ve been entire books written on the subject of the Garden of Eden. We have a little information about the place including a brief description of its location. But, we can speculate all day long, or year long and never come any closer to solving the mystery. However, if you get to know the One that made the garden, you will understand that many of the creatures around us were introduced to the world in that place. They may have looked somewhat different in those days after so many generations and mutations eating away at their genetic code.  How much have they changed and how many new creatures have been introduced since then? We…

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Faith Comes by Hearing

What happens when you believe Jesus Christ? In the world, seeing is believing. But, in Christ Jesus, believing is seeing. The record of His life is right there for us in the Scriptures. The better we know them and believe them, the more clearly we can see the Creator who is revealed by His Son. By reading and meditating on the Scriptures we can begin to understand how off base man’s ideas are. The personalities and things we tend to believe quickly become vain and foolish when compared to the life and peace that comes from a healthy knowledge and confidence in the Bible and its teaching. Read IITimothy chapter 3. and as you do ask Jesus to help your understanding. He wants to help us if we will only ask. Wayne Hollyoak

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