Month: March 2013

5 of the Worst Theories of Science

The more I’ve thought about science as being rebellion against our Creator, the more obvious the goofy claims appear. Take for example cosmology. 1. Condensation of gases to spontaneously generate stars and solar systems. Reality- gases don’t condense in space, they disperse. That’s what nebulae are most likely, regions of thin gaseous atmosphere in space lit up by star particle emissions as they are dispersing. 2. Life will evolve on any supportive planet. Once again “evolution” is made out to be some sort of creator god. Remember ‘science’ doesn’t allow their creator to have intelligence which is clearly needed to accomplish a feat like that! Modern biology relys heavily on goofy theories. 3. Neutral Evolution- how do you evolve stuff that would require totally obsurd transitional stages like feathers on birds? Hmm! You can’t have the poor birds running around with useless quills looking like porcupines. So you say that the feather producing organs evolved first and didn’t actually grow feathers until they could be produced in a “selective” form to benefit the creature.  Reality show that feathers were well thought out designs and beautifully engineered! 4. Ape-Man common ancestory- Once again since “science” says that nature has no intrinsic intelligence and hence…

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What is Faith?

Several of my friends at work have faith in the lottery and they pay out money to buy lottery tickets. I have a good idea how the lottery works and have no faith in it. Money can buy things, but cannot bring peace of mind. Quite the opposite is true for the lottery. Once you become wealthy, everyone wants a piece of you!  No, don’t care for the lottery at all! But, people that “faithfully” buy their weekly/daily lottery tickets are demonstrating their faith in the lottery. “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Faith seems to form a mindset and a “comfort zone”.  Science has become a major guiding force in this society. It’s become a religous institution like none other. Though it is faith based, it strongly resists being labelled as such. The belief system is not new. It goes back to the ancient Greek philosophers and perhaps even before that. The theology is pantheistic and veiws god as being in all of nature giving it the power to create itself. In the modern form the term “origins” is used to mask the religious nature of this belief system. Paradoxically, this…

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Reality and Science

People in the world of science spend a lot of time analyzing stuff and trying to figure things out. The whole concept of  scientific inquiry depends of a physical world operating under the current set of conditions. There are a wide range of assumptions that this all depends on. It looks at how things operate in the present and assume that nothing has or will change, or even can! Things like the speed of light and the conservation of energy are perceived to be reliable assumptions. But, we have no way to prevent  them from altering at any given moment. We take many such things for granted since we don’t see them changing. But, are they can they, do they? All we can tell is what we perceive and others have observed and recorded. The reality is very different. The physical laws have a stability that is maintained deliberately and they reflect the power, majesty and grace of their Creator. But, we must always remember that at any moment these properties “nature” can be altered or suspended. Indeed, when we die they do and we will need a new body in order to stand before our Maker. Such an event…

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