Month: June 2012

Forming a Christian Perspective on Science

Christ Jesus will come again as He promised! He will return for those that believe on Him and look for His appearing. It won’t be easy to keep that faith. Many have abandoned this hope and for various reasons they have put their faith in other things. Things that will eventually prove their worthlessness and everyone will realize that they’ve been foolish and lament, but be unable to change their outcome. The most important thing in every person’s life is their standing with their Creator. Our Creator has provided one Way to freedom and life. That’s through faith in His sacrifice as Christ Jesus on the cross and His life as Lord of our lives. The Creator will only save those that receive His forgiveness through faith in the risen Christ Jesus. There are and have been through history many other Jesus’ taught by false teachers like, Joseph Smith, Mary Baker Eddy, and many movie’s like, “Superstar”, the “Last Temptation”. Jesus taught that imposters would come and many would be deceived and believe lies. To teach that Christ Jesus is anything less than our Creator is blasphemy and a very serious sin. All humanity has the opportunity to enjoy fellowship…

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Carry Things Too Far

What happens when humans come up with an basic understanding of how things seem to work? We often give that understanding a broader application than we should. For instance, we think that rooms should generally be square at the corners. So, we begin putting everything in boxes, even in nature and theology and so on. It’s well understood that the pressure of the soil, sand and rock accumulates as you go deeper into the earth just as the pressure continues to increase as you go deeper under water. This is why submarines all have a depth limit established based on the ability of its hull to withstand the pressure of that water. But, somehow we have failed to account for the fact that earth is a sphere. Mass produces gravity and attracks objects toward its center of mass. The problem is that the center of a massive sphere like a planet has mass all around more or less equally surrounding and the effect cancels all gravity out and objects at the center of planets are weightless. All this is pretty well understood. But, the implications are for some disturbing. Most of the “experts” I’ve heard on this are quite sure…

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