Month: January 2012

Why Teaching Children Only Evolution is Intellectual Child Abuse

If you look real hard at the logic of the Nazis behind the “final solution”, you’ll see a regime that viewed some human beings as “lower” animals and themselves as more “highly evolved”. Modern science propogates the notion that non-religious intellectualism is a mark of a sort of more evolved mankind. People of faith are bullied, belittled, mocked and ridiculed on many “science” forums by university professors of evolution on a continual basis. In most of public education it’s Darwin’s way or the highway. So, what about the highway? I will not recommend that parents send their children to college any more. Children are not animals, nor are they in any way part of the “animal kingdom”! Evolution theory has been thoroughly debunked by Creationists over the past 50 years and the “scientific establishment” has been working overtime to cover this up and has used it’s power and influence in the world to keep the truth about our creation and the love of God out of the classroom. Why, because Darwin’s seductive ideas have convinced them that people of faith are “lesser evolved”? That mankind has “evolved” from “African stock” and other nonsense. The US constitution, and democracy in general. is founded on the “Self-evident truths……

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The Evolution of Madness

What is “evolutionism”? It’s the practice of  ignoring the reality that the true God of the Universe has created all things and replacing that with a false god referred to as “evolution”. Evolutionism is strange form of unintelligent natural creationism. The modern form of an old superstition that nature has in some way created itself. Therefore “evolutionism” is just a resurrection of  the dubious notion of “spontaneous generation”. However, in this new version of that concept, science is heralded, or should I say, blamed for this delusion. This practice couldn’t have been much more poignantly clear to me than when I watched as the popular preacher of evolutionism, Richard Dawkins, declared glibly in a recent “Nova” TV show, that evolution did this as he stood alongside the enormous toothy jawbone of a sperm whale that’s on exhibit at a museum. That announcement came after a fascinating dissection of a real beached adult sperm whale. The point of the dissection of the “world’s largest living predator” was to display it’s wonderful design and how it is able to dive to the deepest parts of the ocean on a breath of air and feast on squid that it finds using its wonderfully sophisticated form…

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Did Darwin fail or his proponents?

That’s a trick question I suppose. Actually, I think we all did. Darwin failed by drawing wild conclusions based on personal bias and ignorance. The death of one’schild can test a man’s faith and integrity. If that man is infuenced by other selfish men, any possible good he might do with his life can easily become a curse. We all make errors in judgement. Even if it doesn’t seem as though we are influential, our decisions always impact others around us and those within the circles of each person they influence. Darwin had come to understand an interesting characteristic of the natural world. That is that living things can adapt to change in subtle ways by capitalizing on natural variability. He saw how this process of adaptation could work in detectable ways where there was a high degree of isolation on a creature from its ancestors. He supposed that that was the case at least, for he had no way to go back in time and see such a process take place. He just had the current living examples to compare. Let’s say for a minute that what he concluded about those creatures living on those isolated islands was true. What does…

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