Month: October 2011

What Happened to People?

Did you ever wonder why this generation is referred to as, “generation X”? It’s a generation without an identity. Much of this generation has been pumped out in the process of the “sexual revolution”. Millions never even see the light of day at the hands of quacks that are making fortunes killing innocent babies and women conned into seeing abortion as the “ultimate solution” for their problems. With more of our lives being ruled by convenience and false sense of comfort, we are losing our dignity and our very souls. Without a real life of our own, we immerse ourselves in the lives of others in movies, TV, musical entertainment, gossip, novels and any sort of amusement. We are becoming nations of empty people trying desperately to put meaning in our lives before our time runs out. The real crash of western society has been precipitated by the rise of “higher criticism” and the popularity of Darwinism(evolutionism) as a new state religion. The Creator gave mankind the Bible as a reliable guide to establishing a relationship with Him, our Source of existence. If you are a believer in the Bible and the One that gave it to us, you will…

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