Month: September 2011

Beautiful Things all Around Us

I really enjoy cutting the lawn. My front yard is an acre square and there are a few outcroppings and some small trees. So, I’ve tried a few different strategies to get the job done efficiently with my lawn tractor. Recently, I’ve been starting roughly in the center and doing a continuous spiral out like the old LP records. I have a couple of ponds and one is pretty small and has lots of green frogs all around it. Noticed that as I was cutting the grass near the edge of the small frog pond that the frogs don’t seem to mind and just stay in their places around its bank with a steady gaze towards the water. (Whenever I would walk up the the pond, they would all have jumped into the water before I could get within maybe 5 feet of the banks.) So, I decided to stop alongside the bank on the running tractor and watch them for a while. Meanwhile, 2 of my large dogs came up to the pond and walked right past all the frogs and they just stayed put. God has created so many amazing things and they all have so many interesting…

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