Month: August 2011

Why Does the Creator Spoil Us?

I sat in my chair at work stunned and amazed! A major earthquake had just shaken the building I work in. The entire 3 story building was swaying as the earth beneath it was changing position back and forth over some unknown distance. We had a small quake a few years ago and though I didn’t feel that one, some friends of mine said they did. This was quite different though. It was my first experience and something I had always wondered if I would ever get the chance. So often people from other places around the world have a similar experience, but suddenly find themselves without a home, or struggling to stay alive, or worse. We live in the lap of luxury with warm comfortable houses, easy and comfortable transportation to get around, food that’s inexpensive and microwave ovens that cook in a couple minutes at the touch of a finger. And yet, we have the audacity to make it illegal to teach children about their Creator in public schools! We have so-called Christian churches that teach Darwin’s fictitious creation story instead of informing them about our actual Creator and Savior. We are no better then those that put…

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