Month: June 2011

The Quandary Presented by Intelligent Design Theory

When I was still a university student way back in the late 70’s I was active in the Creationist Movement. Most of the folks took the young earth position and so that was to become the more or less official position for the groups active then and it seems to still hold true today. Personally, I don’t think that accepting an old earth view helps Darwinism or really is the least unfriendly to the Biblical record of how things started. Certainly, if the earth was only 6,000 years old, that would put a damper on the amount of change that adaptation could produce. But, given the amount of pressure that exists for genetic conformity in nature (IE the “reversion to wilds rule” or mutants practically never make the cut), no amount of time really is ever going to be enough to enable “natural selection” or natural breeding to design anything resembling even the “primitive” forms of life we see today. Breeders work hard to keep a gene pool healthy reducing inbreeding as much as possible and still maintain desired characteristics. Even so the percentage of healthy animals is notoriously low in such “purebreds”. But, this is supposedly the very thing…

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