Month: April 2011

Living on Borrowed Time

Some day I’d like to make a visit to Yellowstone National Park and see all the amazing natural wonders there. But, then again, it has recently come to my attention the significance of that place in terms of its geological instability and the powerful forces coming to play there. Yellowstone is the site of a “supervolcano”. That is, a place where lava, “magma” is unusually close to the surface over a wide area of land. Geysers like “Old Faithful” are natural percolators which act like those old time coffee pots. Water works it’s way down to the lava heated rocks below and is superheated to gas and suddenly expanding forcing the water above to shoot out of the surface of the ground with great force. Lava can act like a geyser too as it gets close to the surface of the ground. Only it’s the pressure of molten rock that causes it to break up the rock layers that contain it and allows the lava to emerge on the surface. In a regular volcano, that means a more or less isolated point of exit for the lava and associated explosions- if they occur. In places like Yellowstone where such a…

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If Science is so Messed Up, Then What?

In the context of human existence, “science” has really accomplished little, if anything, of real worth. Look at it this way. It has helped us get on the moon. Yeah, and what did they find? It has given us “cures” for diseases and taken away our hope and meaning of life. It has unraveled the mysteries of how living things work, and removed it’s soul. And yet, the Creator has made us inquisitive and lovers of mysteries. Maybe that’s why so many detective shows are on TV. We seem to have a basic need to solve stuff. We also want to see victims get “justice”. One of my dreams is to spend 6 months on a uninhabited island and catalog all of the unique creatures that live on it. I can really relate to Darwin’s fascination with such places and the effects of isolation on various creatures. Why is this so? I guess it’s because of the diversity of living things out there and all around us. How did it all get here? Why? And so on. I love walking through fields and forests, looking at trees, rock formations, insects, turtles and whatever else I come across. As I’ve let…

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