Month: September 2010

How Darwin Failed Humanity

In the book of Genesis, the first book of the Bible, there is an account of the first human beings and their responsibility in bringing into the world something we call “death”. They were created in wonderful and safe place. No predators, no disease, no parasites, no hatred, no cruelty or corruption at all. This would suggest that their homestead was isolated from a the rest of the planet’s more dynamic and dangerous landscape. Or it could have been a planet wiped clean of the “Jurassic Park” environ of the preceding ages. The vast period in which the earth was transformed from a barren volcanic vista into a veritable garden with rich soil and healthy colorful plant life. The first humans were created as adults or children? Based on the text itself, I’d be inclined to favor the possibility that they were children. Why, because of the events that follow. You see, one of the most important rules to remember in trying to understand the Creator is that He operates at an incredibly complex level. He knows everything that is going to happen before it does and accounts for it all in advance and yet, rarely ever interferes. Secondly, everything…

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The Foundation of Creation Studies

If you want to understand this universe that we live in, you must first set aside any notions about the so-called, “big bang” myth and all that. Any attempt to explain the creation of the universe and us without acknowledging the One behind it all is a total waist of time and energy. Remember, asserting that there isn’t a person behind all of this will never make Him go away! It will only come back to haunt you as the immensity and power of His being confronts you in the end. I hope any who fail to admit this reality and worse yet, tells others that there is no Creator, will return to their senses and begin to appreciate the great things that our Creator has done on our behalf. The “scientific establishment” has gone down for the count and I don’t see an easy road to recovery for those who have signed oaths against “creationism” and “intelligent design” and anything that questions Darwin’s creation stories. But, this presents those of us who accept and embrace the reality of a created universe, with a great opportunity to start fresh with a purely humble and respectful perspective on the study of…

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