Month: August 2010

Can Science be Salvaged? Who Cares?

“Science” is just a word at one level. A word that originally meant, “knowledge” and certainly a quest for knowledge in a responsible way is desirable. But, “science” as it has become in it’s present institutionalized form, is very anti-christian. Evolutionism has become the prevalent religion and is the only faith that is tolerated within it’s ranks. To openly question evolutionism can mean instant demotion or worse for the professional “scientist”. So, you must either buy into their spontaneous generation “primordial soup” creation story or be like Mr. Dawkins and replace the actual Creator with some form of “alien” bringing the “seeds” of life from a distant star, what have you to be a “real scientist”. Now, doesn’t that really warm your heart! Cough!! As a Christian, I know that everything that is against the teaching of Jesus of the Bible, will come to nothing eventually. There will be a day when we will look back on “science” as another failed human endeavor. “Science” is just another false “savior” a bogus hope, a waste of time and energy. I can choose to avoid it’s trappings and make a living being more productive doing just about anything else. Some Christians may…

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Where Did the Oil Go?

Way back in the 70’s when I was studying estuarine biology, which is the study of brackish water environments, I learned of the importance of tidal marshes and water ways to the health of the oceans and all the creatures that live in them. I grew up only a half mile away from the Severn River and spent much of my free time out on my little sailboat sailing all over that river from Annapolis to the Indian Landing. Crabbing was another favorite pastime in that region. These sorts of places are the processing plants of the oceans and seas. There’s lots of sediment, plants, bacteria, crabs and all sorts of scavenging creatures that clean up the water as it’s constantly coming and going with the tides. The Gulf of Mexico depends on all those bayous and marshes and various sorts of tidal wetlands that dot the coasts. The oil that flowed out of the BP well came from buried plant and animal materials and has nutrients in it that certain creatures can feed on. The volatile chemicals evaporate into the air leaving the thick tar behind. In a tropical sea this material can be processes by the “cleanup” creatures…

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