Month: April 2010

Horses and Other Engineering Marvels

Depending on which way I decide to drive into work each morning i frequently will have to stop for a “horse crossing” at a horse racetrack. There will be jockeys and warm-up riders taking these magnificent creatures from the stables to the warm-up track across this street and a crossing guard will leave his guard station to direct traffic as needed. These horses are bred for speed and not so much for docility. They don’t always respond well to the rider’s direction and will act very nervously towards the waiting stopped vehicles. Horses were designed for human riders. The shape of the back, the mane, the hooves, the temperament and so on all indicate this. And yet, each of them have a distinct character if you will. Some just walk calmly across the street, while others seem to be very anxious about the situation and ready to bolt at any moment. Even so, they will yield to the guiding of their riders eventually and allow us motorists to continue on our ways. Horses are big, powerful animals and people that handle such creatures must be very skilled riders to manage them. My limited experience with horseback riding has taught me…

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Hazards of Pride

Sometimes I find myself and I don’t like what I see. This can be especially true as a “musician”. For two thirds of my musical “career” I’ve played guitar as a hobbiest and occasionally in church just quietly in the background “accompanying” others and as time went on gradually learning how to lead singalongs for small groups. These past few years I’ve had the amazing privilege to play in a worship band for my church. This has really helped me begin the transition from “guitar player” hobbyist to “musician” and become an integral part of a musical team. It’s also brought out some of my glaring shortcomings as a musician and as a man and more importantly as a Christian. I’ve recently joined a Christian rock band that members of our worship team have formed. I started playing rhythm guitar and another guy was to play bass. But, he wasn’t able to join us until after the new year. So, I filled in on bass, which I played only very briefly some 30 years back. I like playing bass, but it has an entirely different role and presents a whole new set of challenges. In the meantime we are playing…

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Hatred Turned Sideways

One of the stranger things that have come out of the so called, “sexual revolution” of the 60’s and 70’s is the bizarre animal referred to as the “gay rights movement”. The acceptance of sexual perversion, or “deviancy” as it was called for a while, is being shoved upon our society more and more aggressively these days. Ironically, the new term applied to such behavior or “lifestyle” is “gay”. In the animal kingdom, these sorts of behaviors are recognized in a more honest and pragmatic way as being dominance. A desire for control over others resulting in sexual arousal. In people it means one individual becoming aroused by another’s submissiveness. In more extreme cases, there is interest in a “s and m” relationship. But, there’s little difference in the fact that all such behavior has an underlying root of contempt rather than love. The truth is that there is no such thing as a “homosexual”, that is someone “born” with a “gene” for such behavior or interest. There are forces at work in the world that are driving people to fit into that mold. These forces took control of the cities called, Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible. The Creator…

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