Month: November 2009

Our Mysterious Future

The Mayan people were at one time a great society. At least great in many of the measures we use. They were master stone workers and had a very accurate and complex knowledge of astronomy. So much so that they even knew when our solar system would pass through the mid plane of our galaxy, “the Milky Way”. In their so-called, “long calendar”, this event marked the “end” of the calendar and this has led to lots of speculation as what this “end” means. That date coincides with our calendar year of 2012. The Mayan civilization as such has disappeared many years ago. So, if the date was to indicate the end of the Mayan nation, the date is off by quite a bit. So, the year 2012 still raises questions. Does it mean anything for mankind as a whole? Why would it be any more accurate about our fate than it was for the Mayans? I will say this though, space is far less understood than the scientific establishment wants us to think. A few years back I was reading about a space probe that was sent out to enter the region beyond our solar system. But, it seems…

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Forgone Conclusion

Don’t think it would ever matter. Place as much evidence for the Designer of the universe in front of the “scientific establishment” and it would never make any difference. The Creator Himself could walk up to their faces and tell them Himself and they would just thrust Him away. Why? The SC has written off a Creator, that is a living intelligent one. because He won’t dance to their tune and play their selfish games. He chose to come as a servant and humble himself until death. Cause that’s what true leadership and authority does. He leads by serving, by creating a universe that can sustain us in our feeble humanity and bring us wonder and great joy. After Jesus restored his life following His execution, He visited a woman that was coming to mourn by His tomb. He didn’t come as some superhero in tights and weightlifter physique. The woman mistook the Creator of the universe for a gardener. But, that is closer to reality then we tend to think. The whole universe was designed to the finest detail as a staging place for the story of humanity to unfold on and for each of us to experience our…

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