Month: August 2009


Some time in our lives we all get to thinking about how we got here. Science is stuck in an atheistic knothole and that kind of puts it out in left field when it comes to the realities of life. And at the other end of the spectrum of conjecture, there’s the UFO/paranormal crowd that has a complete mishmash of guesses about things. Both of these extremes are distractions from coming to grips with our real situation. Both have trouble embracing the simple story of our lives. We are all here by deliberate design! The Designer is watching each of us with deep interest. He’s not a “force”, nor an alien being, but someone who knows us personally and wants us to know Him. As with any relationship, the beginning of a friendship is respect. That means we must lay aside our prejudices and lame ideas about who He is. The Creator put us here, that’s a good place to start. This Creator also gave us a record of His dealing with men and women of the past. That book is there for us to read and learn, the Bible. The Bible is a record of 2 great contracts between…

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