Month: July 2009

The Last Day

There seems to have been alot of celebrites dying lately. Many that seem to be in the prime of their lives suddenly are no longer with us. Even in my small circle of friends and aquantices several have suddenly dropped dead. Mostly from heart failure of some sort. The Bible teaches of a day when “men’s hearts will fail them for fear of the things that have suddenly happened.” We live in a time of a great many uncertainties. Our parents had pensions to look forward to to help in their older years. For our generation, that’s a thing of the past. Even those who worked hard all their lives to save for the future find out their investors have pocketed most if not all of it. Murder and bloodshed was at one time a rare occurance in the US. Now, you hear about it daily. I suppose that after teaching children and young adults the they are animals long enough, they will begin to believe it and act like it. Whether or not we are living in that hard time when “mens hearts will fail” I can’t say for sure, but I can say that that day IS COMING….

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Mutations and Genetic Decay

When you boil the theory of evolution down to it’s basics and try to tease out the actual design tools that it supposedly uses to encode the DNA with the information needed to invent new forms of life, you find one thing that is responsible for it all. That one thing is, “mutation”. If you are a typical evolutionist, the “mutations”, are totally random. If you are a theistic evolutionist, these mutations may be part of a devine plan or random depending. But, what are mutations really? They are generally defined as genetic errors that can occur during cell division. When cells divide each new cell should have a full compliment of genetic information. Sometimes, portions of the genetic material can get lost, rearranged, reversed, etc. These are mutations and they may also be very subtle, like a single letter changed in a word, like “smile” becoming “smite”. Like in this case, a small genetic change can mean a big change for an organism. Every organism has a finely tuned set of genes that it depends on for survival. Changes to those genes tend to cause problems for the new individuals born with them. No matter what nonesense people will…

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