Month: April 2009

The Evolution of a Zero IQ Designer

What were the intellectual sparks that brought the theory of evolution into being? Was it the popularity of the notion of a distant uninvolved god. A god who perhaps set things in motion, but then left the world on its own. Deism is a name often used to refer to such a belief. Was Darwin a deist? Perhaps. Did he feel a need to fabricate an explanation for creation since he didn’t really think that his god was really actively involved in his world? After all, how can you account for the diversity of living things if your god is more or less out of the picture? Darwin was making important discoveries about the adaptability of many creatures in response to environmental change. He supposed that if many such adaptations could happen over time, a very different creature could come into being. Later this process became known as, “evolution”. Darwin’s logic was influenced by his religious beliefs no doubt. That could be said about any of us! So, how do you account for all the wonderful forms of life on this planet if you assume that your god had little to do with their creation? You take all the environmental…

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Intelligent Design Supercedes Science

Thought of a simple little formula for expressing the power of intelligent design in biology and how it is THE dominating force in “science”. Yeast + Entropy= ID You take one of the “simplest” free living things and put it into an entropic environment such as this physical universe and you must acknowledge that someone did the problem solving to make it work. This is a reality that put’s the scientific establishment on its head. Evolutionism is junk science. Junk science ignores all the blatant evidence of the incredible intelligence behind nature. Junk science also includes anything that works off the premise of evolutionism. Which nowadays leaves little of biology with any redeeming value to us. Sociology doesn’t fair much better, nor does geology and physics. Science is a dismal failure. If it “can’t” include a Creator, what good is it? Best to just scrap the whole mess and start over. Even theology that takes its lead from modern junk science is worthless. Intelligent design theory is a good starting point for a new and powerful basis to study of living things and the universe. Even so, it’s just the tip of the iceberg! Nature was designed to sustain and…

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