Month: December 2008

The Dover “Trial”, Who Cares About Evidence?

Was curious about what Judge Jones had to say about his decision in the case brought against the Dover board of education. The Dover Board was trying to include teaching materials friendly to intelligent design in their public classrooms. A few parents objected filed the complaint. Oddly, he had nothing to say about the evidence that the defence presented. But, he had lots to say about their “preparation” and “delivery” in court. So, because the prosecution was “on top of their game” as they say, judge Jones decided the way he did. I wonder if he even cared at all about the evidence they presented. God deals with people very differently. He could care less about a person’s credentials, or their education. He doesn’t care about someone’s prestige or position in the community. He deals with each of us as individuals at the same level of humanity. He looks at the evidence of our faith in Him. Why, is He an egotist or something? Absolutely not! He designed us, our world, the universe and everything in it! He knows what He’s doing! To have faith in Him as our Creator is to acknowledge reality. From what i can tell, the…

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Is Evolution Really a Fact of Science?

Evolution is surely a doctorine of the faith of evolutionism, but has it ever really been tested scientifically? What would it take to really do so? How about genetics? We use genetic testing to settle questions in criminal investigations. Shouldn’t genetics support common ancestory and such, if it exists? That would be nice, but there’s a problem. Many supposedly closely related species have their genetic material bundled quite differently. That is, the number of chromosomes do not match. The fox appears to be very similar to dogs and the wolf which both have 78 chromosomes. But, the fox only has 35-39. So, it would appear that these two animals could not possibly be related at all. In fact there is a diversity of chromosomal numbers within the group we call mammals. MAMMALIA: Platypus, 70 / Opossum, 17-22 / Hedgehogs, 48 / Shrews, 23 / Hares, 36-46 / Deer Mice, 48, 52 / Voles, 42, 46, 50 / Mice, 40, 44 / Rats, 46, 62 / Cats, 35, 38 / Cattle, 16, 20, 60 / Goats, 60 / Sheep, 33, 48, 54, 60 / Pigs, 18, 38, 40 / Horses, 60, 66 / Rhesus Monkeys, 42, 48. If genetic similarity is truly the…

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Nanotechnology and Intelligent Design

I laugh whenever i hear people say that there’s no evidence of intelligent design in nature. Most of them really have no idea how living things work. Every living thing that we know of is full of tiny mechanical marvels we call nano machines. Nano machines are so tiny that they are invisible to the naked eye. They operate at the molecular level where the tolerances are always ZERO. Men are just starting to play with trying to fabricate nano machines. To build them requires electron microscopy and an obsurd amount of process control. One ATOM out of place can shut one down in many cases. Yet, these perfect/nanomachines run constantly and flawlessly in every cell of our bodies. Every cell may contain thousands of them. They are constantly being built and dismantled and the materials reused to make others. We can look at them and hope to understand what each one does, but never hope to reproduce one. Yes, each and every nano machine that exists in nature is proof (not just evidence) that we were all created by the wisest Person imaginable.  Wayne Hollyoak

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