Month: October 2008

What Makes The Universe Tick?

The answer won’t be found in the “god particle”. But, that’s one of the goals of desperate scientists these days. They’ve built the most collosal machine ever in the hopes that their “Hadron Particle Collidor” will enable them to smash a few protons to bits and reveal their inner workings.  For years men have been trying to use mathematics to figure out how things work in the universe. Einstein realized that there was an enormous amount of potential energy stored inside of every atom. If this energy could be released, the energy could be harnessed and used in various ways. The result was the atom bomb and Nuclear power plants and Nuclear powered ships and submarines. But math could only take them so far in their quest to understand how matter works. Many things could not be easily put into mathematical equations and formulae. The tiny particles that make up atoms are much more complicated than originally thought. I appears that it will take massive machines and the energy of entire citys to probe deeper into this mystery. The mystery that manifests itself as the minute entity we call the, “atom” or the substance we call, “matter”. Maybe they hope to determine what…

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Evolutionism Versus Christianity

It has just dawned on me that one of the most mysterious and dreadful prophesies of the Bible is being fulfilled in our time. This prophesy concerns an “abomination that makes desolate” What is an “abomination”? It’s something that God views as grotesquely blasphemous. In the Bible we read about Israel often falling into the sin of idolatry. These grotesque idols were sometimes refered to as “abominations”. They were blasphemous because they made the living Creator to resemble some animal or a man, or even human genetalia. Grotesque because they cause the faithful to sense dread and horror in the way they disfigure God’s glory and majesty. Christian leaders around the world are wrestling with the growing concern about intelligent design. Strangely, not the fear that it’s truth is being questioned. But, the fear that they may be seen somehow as in support of it’s teaching. Pretty soon modern christian leaders will reveal their true colors. It will make plain the extent of the encroachment of evolutionism on the christian church. Christian, or followers of Jesus, will be looking to their leaders for guidance and teaching. I will be looking to my pastor to help guide me in my christian…

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Who Will Be Saved?

Will you be saved? Will I be saved? Will anyone be saved? Does it matter? One day you will find yourself living in a very different world. All of the people who are making the world a safe and free place to live will be gone. All those godly people who believe in Jesus will dissappear off the face of the earth. There’ll be no warning except the ones in the Bible. The economy will fail, men’s hearts will fail,  people still here will suddenly realize that they were duped into turning from God and are doomed to pay the price. Classrooms, workplaces, highways, parks, etc. will become war zones. Many people who have placed all their bets on the claims of science and really believed that we just evolved and there is no creator will find themselves frightened and confused. Others will be enraged at God. So sure that they were good enough and why were they left behind. Do you have respect for Jesus, who died to buy our salvation? If not, you won’t have a chance. The question God asks is will He find faith when he returns? Not just any faith! Faith that Jesus is the…

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