Month: May 2008

Remember Cheap Gas?

Time marches on and things change. I remember when we complained about paying 99.9 cents for a gallon of gas. Who wouldn’t like to pay that much now? As a kid my family lived and breathed cars. My dad was a Chevy factory rep. and every day he was on the road taking orders for car from the dealers in his region. He was good at it, too and won just about every GM promo prize that was offered him. GM, like all auto makers, makes money by selling their cars and lots of them. Cars run on gas, almost exlusively. Gas is extracted from crude oil pumped out of the earth. There is only so much oil in the ground. When we run out the auto industry will go belly up- that is if there aren’t some big changes and at the top of the list is it’s power source. Seems like every time i turn around i’m at the pump and laying down a twenty, a couple twenties. Fill it up? What and pay over 40 bucks? Why should anyone drive a vehicle made for 4 people just to drive a single individual back and forth to work everyday?…

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