Month: October 2007

Why the Blog?

Scifaith Blog is nearing its first anniversary. I’m really glad that i’ve been able to place these issues on the public record this way. On the one side, it’s sad to see what’s happening to this thing we call, “science”. On the other side, I’ve been able to tell some folks about the One that put us here. About His greatness and His desire to give us His best. The Creator gave us His Son and we killed Him. He knew that that was the only way we would ever understand ourselves. We bite the Hand that feeds us every day. We prove that we have less common sense than dogs. To take a good hard look at the Jesus that is taught in the Bible, is to learn about the God’s standards for humanity. To also learn about the extreme cruelty and uglieness that we are capable of. Jesus never did a selfish thing and that’s just about all we sinful humans are capable of. We have no righteousness of our own, but He is willing to give us His. “He who knew no sin, became sin for us”.  Jesus took the punishment each of us deserved on the…

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Intelligent Design’s Snowballing Effect

I learned about the intelligent design controversy about 2 years ago and it seemed to have much merit. Now, it is much more powerful of an idea to me! Sadly, many proponents of ID seem to lack much confidence in their “theory”. I hear things like, “certain features in nature cannot be explained by natural selection alone”. What does that mean? The more i’ve thought about ID, the more damning it is for darwinism. Nature at every level screams out for ID. Geology, cosmology, biology, ecology, chemistry, etc. Now, intelligent design is totally inescapable to me. All of man’s own fabrications and manufacturing marvels pale in comparison to the most simple of natural systems. Design is the RULE of nature, not the exception! It’s everywhere you look and hits you in the face every waking moment! If you wanna look for ways to account for the design prowess displayed in anything in nature, you had better find a greater intelligence than man. Supernatural is definitely an understatement! Even at the “atomic level” there is incredible order and balance. Add an electron here, a proton there, a photon here and very predictable things happen.  Wayne Hollyoak

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