Month: September 2007

Clones, Sonar Scopes and Intelligent Design

Just woke up with a couple of thoughts that i wanted to post on my blog. The first concerns the first record of a “surgery” and the first “cloning”. In the book of Genesis we are told that the Designer (God) took the first human he had created, which was a male, “Adam”, and put him under general anesthesia and (surgically?)removed one of his ribs. This rib was then used somehow to produce a “clone” of Adam. Only this “clone” did not produce the exact duplicate of Adam. Instead of having an “X” and a “Y” sex chromosome which Adam presumably had, this new individual had a pair of “X” chromosomes. This account raises some interesting questions. What method did the Creator use to “clone” the first man? Did He seperate 2 DNA chains isolated from the rib tissues and join the 2 halves containing the “X” chromosome causing the “clone” to be female? Do human rib tissues contain a number of “haploid” cells that are like “germ cells”? These could have been used with a pair of cells containing the needed “X” chromosome being combined. (Perhaps the male human was designed to have a single “X” chromosome as a…

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Breaking Loose

How many people do you know that have stopped believing in Evolution? How many say they don’t believe in evolution, but are afraid to admit it? There are plenty of people who deny evolution publicly, but deep down inside they think evolution is true? If you take evolution at simple face value, it’s really just a “creation story”. A creation myth that is told by scientists and intellectuals rather than “religious folk”. It states that nature has created herself over millions of years of miraculous coincidental mutational genetic changes. It assumes that all the wonderful diversity of living things on this planet came to be by complete accident. If you wanna believe in evolution and see mankind as a freak of nature, mutated apes, or lizards, or bacteria, it’s your choice. If you want to put your faith in such a bizarre creation story in spite of all the display of intelligent design everywhere in nature, you’ve got lots of company. But, if you are willing to take a hard look at nature around you and recognize the precise ways each creature lives and moves. All the attention given to the most minute details and realize that Someone was behind…

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Can We Save the Planet?

I think we’ve all noticed some climate changes recently. It was unusually cool this spring and now that it’s almost fall, it’s been blazing hot in the 90’s here in WV. We went 2 months without any significant rainfall this summer. The grass was all brown and nearly dead! As a child over 40 years ago, the seasons were more predictable. Lots of people are claiming this is the result of “global warming” and such. Surely all the exhaust from so many millions of cars, truck, buses, ships, power plants and such is impacting the environment. But, just how vulnerable is this planet anyway? How presumptuous for us to talk about it as “our planet”. We may live on it, but it doesn’t belong to us by any means. More than likely, it may become uninhabitable by us at some point and humans will go extinct if no One higher intervenes. In a few thousand years, the remaining species of life will recover and flourish again as the ecosystem purges the poisons dumped on it by man. Jesus said that the “hairs on your head are numbered” which reminds me of the way many species of flies are id’s, by…

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