Month: June 2007

Life After Evolution

Few things can cause more emotional turmoil than disillusionment. We’ve probably all had an experience when a hero, friend, ambition, etc. fails us in a major way. My experience with science and the theory of evolution was like that. My faith in evolution gave me a sense power and prestige. I felt as though i was privy to the “secrets of the universe”. A cut above the lowly man on the street, those naive clergymen and such. My “knowledge of evolution” from years of “higher education” had given me an ultrasimplistic view of biology and the nature of all living things. Evolution had reduced the greatest Being in the universe to a simple concept, “natural selection”, at least on paper anyway. For many people, that’s good enough especially when so many of those great “scholars” that they look up to have such confidence in the idea. Surely, if any of the those great scholars had real reservations about the validity of this concept, they would immediately come out with it and make them known. A few began to in the 70’s in the “creationist movement”. There weren’t any real “big names of science” among them and for the most part, they…

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Electric Cars, What Next?

Electric motors have been around for some time now and so have cars, but so far the twain have not done well together. Batteries have been heavy and bulky. Electric motors inefficient and not very powerful.  But, things have changed. The new “stepping motor” is efficient and powerful. The Lithium Polymer batteries are light and handle lots of current easily and expensive. This combination is used extensively in model cars and aircraft with amazing results. These model airplanes, helicopters, cars and trucks can be made with extreme power to weight ratios so that they easily out perform their nitromethane powered siblings. Aircraft can be flown in complex aerobatic displays within the confines of a highschool gymnasium. A few full sized cars have been made using this new technology with amazing results. Nearly heart-stopping acceleration and lightness mean extreme agility for these whisper quiet vehicles. GM plans to introduce it’s new Volt car as soon as the lithium-polymer battery techology can be developed to make big enough cells. The largest cells available currently are those made for laptop computers and such. My car gets me about 10 miles on a dollar of gas.  An electric car may get me 100 miles…

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