Month: May 2007

The Final Trump

Watched a couple of movies recently that touched on the subject of “doomsday”. But, not as we used to hear about it. Instead of a great battle of armies and armed “forces”, they suggeseted that some kind of interference with the “time-space continuum” could bring “antimatter” in touch with “matter” and cause the universe itself to cease to exist. Not exactly sure what the supposed issue is with these two forms of “matter” but they connect it somehow with AlbertEinsteins theories. The whole idea that the universe can somehow be caused to “dissolve” in a moment makes for great science fiction. Is there a “parallel universe” that “mirrors” our own with worlds and even people that are the “alternate” of ourselves and never the “twain shall meet” or else…? These, to me, seem to be just more of the fallout that comes from the obsession in modern science to divorce itself from any reference or implications to the existence and activity of a Creator. The universe is sustained by Someone let’s not kid ourselves. But, try to convince these new “intellectuals and scientists” these days and you may get laughed at, snubbed or worse.  Even though there is a concerted effort going on…

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Unsafe Oxygen?

Those of us living near sea level breath a mixture of gases all the time. This mixture mostly contains nitrogen.  In this nitrogen based atmosphere is blended in a certain amount of oxygen. A healthy person can breath easily on the oxygen concentration of our earth’s atmosphere at reasonably low altitudes.  At higher altitudes, it becomes more difficult to get the oxygen we need because the atmosphere gets thinner with less of the gaseous mix. Oxygen is constantly being used by animals and people and must be replenished. Green plants are able to add oxygen back into the atmosphere. However, this oxygen must be utilitized at a constant steady rate in order to keep our atmosphere safe.  If the oxygen content falls too low, we could suffocate. If there becomes too much oxygen, the atmosphere becomes dangerously flammable. Too much oxygen and fires can start very easily and such fires will be very difficult to control or put out. Nasa learned this truth very tragically when they let the air inside a manned space capsule become to rich in oxygen. A spark ignited the air so that the air itself caught fire in an explosive flash of heat. The men inside were…

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Supercomputers Approach the Power of a Half Wit Mouse

Read an interesting article in the news yesterday. A new supercomputer has been built by IBM that sort of makes the once mighty “Cray l” look like a Commodore 64 by comparison in terms of computing power. Big powerful computers like this one get used for special purposes such as complex simulations like those used to help weather prediction and such. Though computers are often refered to as “electronic brains”, it appears that for the most part that is an undeserved compliment. One of the tasks that this new supercomputer seems to be capable of is the simulation of the operation of “one side of a mouse’s brain”. This amazing computer is man’s best effort so far at trying to manufacture something with real brainpower. This massive machine fills a room and cost beucoup millions of bucks to build not to mention all the hours of work by the greatest experts in the computer world. To match the computing power of half a brain of a mouse that weighs in at about a gram it takes 50 years of computer development and armies of engineers to come up with a machine fast and powerful enough to handle the task. Well…

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