Month: April 2007

Intelligently Designed for Speed!

My dad was a factory rep for GM, Chevrolet Division. We lived and breathed cars in our house and my love of cars has remained to this day. Used to be that cars were marketed as being comfortable and reliable, nowadays it’s all horsepower and performance. You can buy a car right off the showroom that is capable of nearly 200 mph top speed! Speed and power are modern obsessions for men. In the natural world, living things have been carefully designed for more practical reasons. Speed is not the focus, but it does have its place. Appearantly, one reason for amazing speed is to baffle men. In man’s way of viewing speed, you would maybe pick a flying animal as your primary group to work with. The air offers the least amount of resistance to motion. The ground has too many obstacles and you need super fast muscle action and reflexes to track the ground passing beneath the animal. God’s design for His fastest creatures trumps man hands down. Flat out the fastest creatures on earth are neither birds nor land creatures at all. They live in the sea. No, not on the sea like man’s favorite means of…

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Just Passing Thru

Ever seen a Hubble photo of a galaxy. They usually have a pinwheel look to them. Flat with 2 arms swept back like they are spinning. Our sun and solar system are inside a galaxy that may look very much like them as well. It’s called the “Milky Way” and if you live far enough away from the big city, you may be able to look along the “Milky Way” as a band of densly packed stars that goes across the night sky. What you are looking at is a view from inside one of those pinwheels. Our sun is one of those millions of stars that very slowy orbits around the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way. Our sun travels around the center of the galaxy at roughly the same speed as many other stars, but the sun’s orbital path is slightly out of alignment with the middle axis of the Milky Way. So, in only 2 places of the sun’s journey around the galaxy does it ever actually pass thru the Milky Way’s center axis. It only happens about every 30,000 years or so. The year 2012 just so happens to be about 30,000 years since the…

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