Month: February 2007

Pillars of Fire and Solar Wind

Back in 1998, there was a very intense electrical storm that came thru my county. I remember stopping my car in an open field overlooking a nearby town and watching as an enormous black cloud formed on the outskirts of this town. In a few moments this black cloud dropped a funnel down and there was an constant barrage of lightning all around it. This wasn’t very far from me and it made me more than a little nervous, so i got back into my old Honda Civic and just then a radiator hose popped and steam came out everywhere. So i drove it down to a nearby church parking lot and shut it off the let it cool down. As i was standing in the parking lot watching more clouds darkening to the south, there was an eerie fog that moved down along the street. There was no noticeable wind and the “fog” was moving rather quickly and was off white in color and patchy. This was one of, if not the, strangest things i have ever witnessed. In a short while i decided to try to make for a gas station to add water to the radiator and…

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