Our Creator as the Supreme Engineer

There have been over a million species of life identified so far in the world. And whether you view the originally introduced “kinds” as being represented by genera or species is hard to guess and will likely vary. It definitely is an awe inspiring thought of how all this engineering was accomplished in what to us seems a brief time span.

One thing that I will never do is suggest a model for such a process of design, engineering and introduction (I speak in human terms). To have seen the events as they took place would have no doubt caused me to fall on my face and cried out for mercy!!! The power of His Word was demonstrated clearly while He was here as Messiah Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus, though He was a man, He was always directly connected with His glory since He was without sin from birth. He was always able to reward faith in Him with healings and deliverance from demons and so forth. When Jesus was around the laws of physics went on hold at His will! It is clear that the Creator maintains the current “laws” of physics to provide humanity with a stable environment I suppose. He can alter those “laws” at any moment with His Word.

I cannot guess how the Creator accomplished His creation of His creatures, but I can be sure that it required an immense amount of planning, design, engineering, skill, wisdom, and above all love for all those that would emerge as living creatures on His planet.

Wayne Hollyoak

So Many Amazing Things

I could continue to flog a dead horse. But, what’s the point? Evolution is an embaressment to me in that I at one time took the notion seriously. And even after leaving that mess behind, I still took science seriously.

As you start to look at living things as carefully engineered, introduced and sustained works of art you start to understand Whom we are going to answer to.

Tiger Beetle
Tiger Beetle Ready for Action!

 Take a close look at a tiger beetle some time. You’ll see that not all beetles are the same. These little fellows look like track stars in there dazzling candy apple blue or green warm up suits. They can outpace any hiker that cares to get too close with their quickness and agility on foot or on the wing. I doubt that you’ll ever manage to catch on by hand and you’ll no doubt regret it if you do. That they exist testifies to an immesurable feat of engineering, skill and wisdom!

How about the cat? She has a body as flexible as a wet noodle and yet stealth, speed and the reflexes of , well, hmm, what can it be compared with? They are apex predators and yet symbolic of grace and beauty and in so many odd ways wonderfully unique in the animal kingdom. Somehow they manage to tear apart their prey with a confusing sort of daintyness.

The Powerful Bobcat

Look at the horse and try to imagine a more perfectly engineered creature for human transport. His size, power and temperment are a perfect match, not to mention the mane to hold on to and the back that is just right for comfortable saddles and long head that steers so well and his mouth accepts the bit. How extremely thoughtful our Creator was when He engineered the horse!!!

What about the tick and the mosquito that constantly remind us that we are flesh? All those stars in the sky serve simply as lights and yet so many are actually galaxies so far away that we can only see how they were some remote time in the past. Even so, Jesus taught that, “heaven and earth will pass away and yet my words shall not pass away.” The moon goes around the earth constantly in order to wash the seas clean by the tides and help sea currents on their ways.

The clock is ticking on this universe and one day it will be over. It will have served its purpose and we will all face the next chapter of our existence. Our Creator has done everything needed to prepare a way for us to be saved and that Way is Jesus His own Son.

Wayne Hollyoak