Cosmology is Spaced Out!

sputnik_eviewIt’s been a few years now since we sent up the first probe into orbit. Now there is a huge layer of space junk orbiting this planet. All of these various manmade objects had a purpose and a few still are actively sending back data. Some are taking pictures of the earth’s surface, some are making meteorological measurements, some are bouncing back telephone conversations and TV shows. Most have completed their task and just hanging out.

Ever since the Hubble telescope taught us about the multitude of galaxies afar off, there’s been a huge fascination with “deep space”. Now, it almost seems like these “cosmologists” have it all figured out: how stars are born, how they were “created” and how they “die”. Right at this moment there may be hundreds of “cosmologists” going over all sorts of data streamed back from manmade orbiters and some that are zooming thru open space to various destinations out there.

They seem so confident that radiation measurements of various sorts can tell the whole tale of each heavenly body’s  existence. That and of course those wonderful images that keep flowing back from Hubble. Every conclusion is therefore an ironclad case that hold the public in awe of the powers and intellectual skills of this lofty branch of science. I was once one of those so impressed. But, it seems that every time we get up and close to our neighboring planets of this solar system, all the predictions of what they would be like made by the same cosmology departments turned out totally wrong. So, how impressed should we be about their tall tales concerning those MUCH more distant celestial objects?

It’s my guess that they don’t have a clue about them either. Even the visible light coming from so many is reaching us after hundreds if not thousands of years travel across space. Maybe some aren’t even there any more…

So Many Amazing Things

I could continue to flog a dead horse. But, what’s the point? Evolution is an embaressment to me in that I at one time took the notion seriously. And even after leaving that mess behind, I still took science seriously.

As you start to look at living things as carefully engineered, introduced and sustained works of art you start to understand Whom we are going to answer to.

Tiger Beetle
Tiger Beetle Ready for Action!

 Take a close look at a tiger beetle some time. You’ll see that not all beetles are the same. These little fellows look like track stars in there dazzling candy apple blue or green warm up suits. They can outpace any hiker that cares to get too close with their quickness and agility on foot or on the wing. I doubt that you’ll ever manage to catch on by hand and you’ll no doubt regret it if you do. That they exist testifies to an immesurable feat of engineering, skill and wisdom!

How about the cat? She has a body as flexible as a wet noodle and yet stealth, speed and the reflexes of , well, hmm, what can it be compared with? They are apex predators and yet symbolic of grace and beauty and in so many odd ways wonderfully unique in the animal kingdom. Somehow they manage to tear apart their prey with a confusing sort of daintyness.

The Powerful Bobcat

Look at the horse and try to imagine a more perfectly engineered creature for human transport. His size, power and temperment are a perfect match, not to mention the mane to hold on to and the back that is just right for comfortable saddles and long head that steers so well and his mouth accepts the bit. How extremely thoughtful our Creator was when He engineered the horse!!!

What about the tick and the mosquito that constantly remind us that we are flesh? All those stars in the sky serve simply as lights and yet so many are actually galaxies so far away that we can only see how they were some remote time in the past. Even so, Jesus taught that, “heaven and earth will pass away and yet my words shall not pass away.” The moon goes around the earth constantly in order to wash the seas clean by the tides and help sea currents on their ways.

The clock is ticking on this universe and one day it will be over. It will have served its purpose and we will all face the next chapter of our existence. Our Creator has done everything needed to prepare a way for us to be saved and that Way is Jesus His own Son.

Wayne Hollyoak