Hold On to Your Faith in College

Getting a college education has its advantages and disadvantages. Many students enter colleges with a rich Christian faith and find themselve emersed in culture that is antichristian and much of this antigonism comes from students that :

1. Have a deep respect for their teachers that believe darwinism is a fact. They may stand in awe of the “intellectual ability” and seeming expertise of these profs. Remember, those that believe in an zero-intelligence creator god like evolution don’t deserve respect as an educator. Pity maybe, contempt perhaps, but never respect as teachers. Pray that the real Creator will help them have a change of heart along with those students that revere them.

2. One-time Christian believers that have seen themselves as betrayed by their parents and the church for keeping them in the dark about evolution. They may feel embarassed and ashamed of their Christian beliefs especially if they crave social status and popularity. The pride trap.

It’s really important to maintain a rich relationship with Christ on a daily basis. You need to really hang tight to some of the main concepts of physics like “entropy”, “the conservation of energy” and “information theory”.  Remember, your profs and fellow students are just human beings like yourself and resist the temptation to place them on pedastals. We don’t know how the world was created. We only have some basic clues from the scriptures, “by faith we believe that the worlds were formed by the Word of God”. The main thing is that science is only a guessing game. The Creator will only reveal to mankind those things that we need to know.

Wayne Hollyoak

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