Our Mysterious Future

The Mayan people were at one time a great society. At least great in many of the measures we use. They were master stone workers and had a very accurate and complex knowledge of astronomy. So much so that they even knew when our solar system would pass through the mid plane of our galaxy, “the Milky Way”. In their so-called, “long calendar”, this event marked the “end” of the calendar and this has led to lots of speculation as what this “end” means. That date coincides with our calendar year of 2012.

The Mayan civilization as such has disappeared many years ago. So, if the date was to indicate the end of the Mayan nation, the date is off by quite a bit. So, the year 2012 still raises questions. Does it mean anything for mankind as a whole? Why would it be any more accurate about our fate than it was for the Mayans? I will say this though, space is far less understood than the scientific establishment wants us to think. A few years back I was reading about a space probe that was sent out to enter the region beyond our solar system. But, it seems as though the fate of the craft was uncertain due to the fact that we had never sent anything out there before.

We tend to get this naive notion that it’s more of what we got here.That’s the stuff of “Star Wars” and “Star Trek”. We put a lot of confidence in their mathematical calculations and relativity theory and their “Big Bang” creation story. But, in reality, even whats only just outside our solar system is still poorly understood. Maybe the Mayans understood to pass through the center plane of this galaxy is all the more cause for wonder and concern. Just passing across the equator of this planet causes things like vortexes (like the flushing toilet and tornadoes) to reverse the direction of their spin.

Will something major like the reversal of the planet’s magnetic field or redirection of some of the ocean’s currents or meteorological disturbances take place? There’s no way to predict for sure cause humans most likely have never experienced the planet’s passing through the galaxies’ mid plane. Is there a debris field full of objects like asteroids and comets that concentrated there during the creation of the milky way? When viewed from a distance, many galaxies seem to have a greater concentration of objects towards their center plane. Of course, any object coming into our solar system would be captured by the sun’s gravity and start to orbit it just like all the other objects already traveling around the sun.

2012 may come and go and things may go on for us as before. The Creator has given us all the information about the future of this world that we need. European settlers came into the Mayan world and brought many strange ideas and strange diseases along with them and they decimated the Mayans and all but wiped them out. The Mayan prophets had trouble preparing them for the European onslaught. Whatever happens in 2012 will be insignificant compared to our future after we die.

Sooner or later our bodies quit working and then what? That part of our future is entirely in the hands of the Creator. And He has shown us what we must do to be saved. “Save from what?” do you say perhaps? The Bible gives several different pictures of this “what from”. For some it will be, “cast into outer darkness”. Does that refer to being tossed out into space something like the man whom “Hal” in the movie “2001” put adrift into space with a severed oxygen life-linen? Forever adrift in a suffocating vacuum and extreme hot and cold and without contact with another soul forever. Others will be cast “in a lake of fire and brimstone”. Others will be “burned up like chaff” and some will be thrown in the place intended for the devil and his demons, “hell” or will experience the rotting of their bodies for eternity. This is what the Creator wants to save you from.

There is simply no good outcome for those who aren’t saved. God wants better things for each of us! His book also states, “eye has not seen, nor ear heard the things that God has prepared for those that love Him and are the called according to His purpose”. The only way we can be saved is the Creator’s way, “For God loved the world so much, that He send His only begotten Son. So that whosoever believes in Him shouldn’t perish but instead have eternal life.” Hope you’ll choose that path!

Wayne Hollyoak