The Flood of Noah was Metamorphic

I’ve never had the pleasure of looking at the Grand Canyon in person. But, from the pictures I’ve seen, it must be extremely impressive! What a dramatic statement it makes about the last great worldwide flood! Scientism here again shows itself as deeply ignorant of what is obvious to the rest of mankind. We have all seen how floods can carve out areas of soft sediments and form all sorts of small ruts exposing the layers of sediments as the water rushes over them from pools of water upstream.

Storm Erosion
Storm Runoff

We all know that the power of water runoff from a worldwide flood would create erosion on a “grand” scale. There would be sediments of various types reflecting the various regions being drained at different stages of the gigantic runoff event. Some layers containing more dissolved minerals than others would mean that some layers would solidify and harden, others wouldn’t forming the visible strata. The Creator shows us in the Book of Genesis that the earth originally had a single land mass.

Today there are many continents as we call them. If there was large scale geological transformation during the time that the earth was covered entirely by a single sea- for almost a year according to Genesis and vast movement of the “tectonic plates”, there would have been enormous turbulance and tsunamic events.

The fact that Noah’s ship, or “ark” survived the ordeal tells me that the Creator was protecting the boat and its occupants in a very gracious way!

Wayne Hollyoak