What’s Really Understood About Space?

NASA's Voyager Spacecraft


Two similar spacecraft that were launched back in the 70’s are approaching the edge of our solar system. They both have nuclear powered batteries that allows them to keep their electrical systems alive indefinitely without depending on solar panels.  As the light from the Sun becomes less intense to the point that they are not of much use.  At some point it is expected that the direction of motion of the solar wind will change and cease to be predominantly from our sun signalling their departure from the sphere of our star’s influence and entrance into “interstellar space” as they say.

NASA expects this to happen for the further of the two craft at any time assuming that this threshold is uniformly spherical in shape. Assuming also that this is what will happen at all since such an event has never been studied directly in this way. How will radio transmission be effected by this transition? Will the power of the signal fall off somehow or remain the same? We can only guess what will happen. There will no doubt be some surprises in store as old theories make way for new ones.

As I’ve said before, we must have a deep respect for the Creator before ever coming to a real understanding of His Creation and that includes “space”. Those that assume that the universe was “spontaneously generated” like much of “modern science” rely completely on existing physical laws to explain everything about everything. Once you come to realise that there is a Creator behind it all, you know the physical “laws” are completely plastic to this Creator. I prefer to call them the “properties of the present physical state” which have been put into effect at this time. How long this has been so and how long it will continue is impossible to determine and is totally up to this immeasurably, immensely powerful person.

The same person that humbled Himself and took on the form of a humble servant as Jesus.

Wayne Hollyoak