Tenth Year of Scifaith and My Continuing Expose’ of Science

Time moves on for a little blog in the middle of this big internet jungle. I will continue to pray that our Creator will use it to help people like you shake loose of the shackles of darwinism and godless science. No form of blindness is more severe and debilitating than the inability to see ourselves as created beings that have been put here by a loving Creator! It would seem impossible for anyone who has studied living things in any detailed way to suggest that they have come about by spontaneous generation and yet this is just the declaration that science makes.

If you want to continue to trust these blind guides that want to turn you away from the knowledge of a real Creator Who engineered living things will intense love and care, that is a choice you will regret. I decided to think for myself and concluded that spontaneous generation, AKA evolution is a really bad joke and an embarrassment for all of mankind. To take the most complex, integrated and efficient creatures in the known universe and demand that non of them were created by a super-intelligent Being is an abomination to say the least. Then to have the gall to appoint a complete idiot like “mutation and natural selection” as a spontaneously generation creator is tragic.

Perhaps Darwin thought that he could punish his Creator for the loss of his daughter at an early age. Many people conclude that there is no Creator when they have a loss like that. The fact is, Our Creator gives life and all of us will die, some sooner, some later. To become angry with God Almighty and declare that living things must have no Creator and were therefore spontaneously generated was Darwin’s way of getting back I suppose.

Now the world seems to be climbing on that bandwagon. Somehow Darwin’s madness has struck a chord with so many. And so spontaneous generation marches on like a mad dog that conceals its disease with intellectual fluff in order to get close enough to bite and spread its madness.

Wayne Hollyoak