What a Wonderful World!

When you really begin to look at the universe around us as the fantastic engineering marvel that it all is (and it IS!) you will begin to see man’s engineering achievements for what they are, very humble at best. Even matter itself is a feat of engineering beyond comprehension or even imagination! It appears that 3 basic entities of the minutist scale are combined with a vast number of variations in a precise way that can be combined to produce things from dust particles to neutron stars and galaxies.

Galaxies were Engineered

The more we learn about His fantastically glorious engineering¬†by the God of the Universe who has allowed us to approach Him thru Jesus and actually speak to Him and learn from Him, the more of a huge privalege it is to be a part of His creation! I can assure you that He takes a very personal interest in each of us. The Lord Jesus said that a sparrow is sold for very little money and yet none of them falls without its Creator’s (the Father) knowledge. So, He continues saying, How much more valuable are you?

We get all up in the air about a species’ extinction and yet we have no investment in the creature’s design and care. The Tasmanian Tiger was a wonderfully engineered creature that was snuffed out by selfish men and yet it could be easily reintroduced by God if He so pleased at any time. He introduced it once, He could do it again. The same applies to T-Rex and Velociraptor and Spiny, though it wouldn’t make our lives very pleasant would it.

We really need to come to grips with whom we are dealing with. Darwin stuck his head in the sand and wooed the world with his lame excuses in “Origin…” and whatnot. He tried to support spontaneous generation with ad-nauseum overworked natural adaptation. It’s time to wake up and realize the crisis mankind is in. “The wages of sin is death.” Our Creator, the Lord of Heaven and earth came as Jesus to pay those wages for all who are willing to believe and follow Him. This is real love.

If you don’t see our Creator’s commitment to us and His universe, you need to start doing so and consider your own debt to Him.

Wayne Hollyoak