Look Around You

This world we live in is such a fantastic place! For someone that has always been fascinated with well-made machines, this world we get to live in is chock full of completely fantastic things to look at, study, and just enjoy!! So many kinds of living things all around us that reflect a wealth of engineering and careful attention to detail. Even at the atomic level and beyond! Like Louis Armstrong sang, “what a wonderful world…”, and indeed it is!

It’s all hear to sustain, inspire and entertain you and me. Wonderfully crafted and detailed in every conceivable way and presented in a way that should convince us of our need to show gratitude and commitment to honor and obey the Allmighty One that’s behind it all.  The One that came and spent time on His own planet as Jesus. He humbled Himself and took on the form of a servant His Book tells us. “He who knew no sin became sin for us…”

And yet, as wonderful as this world is, the one to come is manifold times better. You must abandon all your old religion and come to Jesus by faith, let Him have your heart.

Wayne Hollyoak