New Birds in Town!

Birds are such amazing creatures! There are so many shapes and sizes and COLORS! Wow, this year we have been blessed with several tiny blue jewels that at first I thought were blue birds. But, they are too small and a much deeper blue color. They must be indigo buntings. Just as cardinals are redder then red, and Baltimore orioles are oranger then orange, these little guys are bluer then blue!

indigo bunting
How Blue can Blue Be?

Not only are they impressive in appearance, they also are full of energy and motion. Being set free from Darwin’s depressingly ignorant¬†fables I can really start to appreciate the vast wealth of wisdom and artistry that all these wonderful creatures represent.¬† As my Lord Jesus says, “But, wisdom is justified of all her children.”

Thank you Jesus for the fantastic things you have made for us to enjoy and learn from!!

Wayne Hollyoak