It’s All About Trust

It’s been about 35 years since I began to put my trust in my Creator whom I don’t see with my eyes. In that process I’ve come to realize more and more that He is trustworthy in everything. You see, He made everything and sustains us, He knows us completely and still loves us, He earns our trust and He expect us to trust Him based on His faithfulness, graciousness, holiness and love. He, “demonstrated His love towards us in that while we were yet sinners He died for us”. Everything He does for each of us is way above and beyond!

But, even after I began to trust Christ and learn the Scriptures, I was also holding on to this thing we call, “science” as a high standard, perhaps not quite as high because “science” was based on the premise that the universe created itself be natural processes. As time went on, I realized that my great “confidence” in “science” was misplaced. The more I’ve trusted my Creator, the less trust I have in “science” since I can see more clearly that “science” is just man’s limited perspective on things, whereas the Scriptures reveals our actual Creator’s view of things.

Man's biggest machine to do what???

In the final analysis I must conclude that there is no comparison between the two. For the Scripture also says, “man at his very best state is altogether vanity”. Just look at the great, “Hadron Collider”. It takes the most gigantic machine ever made by mankind to try to make sense of such a tiny thing as a subatomic particle! 17 miles of underground electromagnets and superconductors at a cost of billions just to crack open a few protons? Why? To excuse the ineptness of the “big bang theory” and such? Is it just another way we express our distrust in our Creator, or worse yet, demonstrate our contempt for Him?

Whatever it is, I’ve learned that it’s best to distance myself from the mess…

Wayne Hollyoak

Are You Listening?

Today I spent much of the day putting together a greenhouse from a kit we bought. My wife was helping me and we like to play music in the yard while we work on things some times. Well, at a few different times while I was working I started to hear this amazingly beautiful song coming from a bird that got my attention. When I looked to see what it was there was a mockingbird standing on the split=rail fence a short distance away. It was singing its song while staring directly at me!

This is not the one, but one like it.

I kind of wondered what that meant? Was the bird trying to say something to me? Was it pleased or peryhaps displeased with the music I was playing? I complimented the little fella on his wonderful singing and kept busy. This happened again a little later and this time he was perched on my roof, but still he was looking very intently at me!

Now, I really enjoy singing to my Creator! More and more as time goes by and I learn more and more about all He has done for us and me personally.That wonderful creature was singing to me and somehow that leaves me in awe… The song that he was singing was just magnificent as well and it really put a smile on my face and made the job so much easier.

I have several fine Christian friends and brothers that play music with on a regular basis and we write and play christian songs in the popular or pop styles that tends to be quite loud. So, as well often say, the words are hard to understand with such loud musical accompaniments. It takes a really good PA system to allow the words of these songs played in the popular style to “cut thru” as we say.

Now, I can tell you that there was a good deal of noise in my yard, but that bird was able to cut right thru without any problem. Partly because I gave him my attention and realized that, well maybe there was more to it. Maybe it’s an answer to one of my questions. How can we as musicians get our message out so it’s heard better? Maybe it’s focus. Maybe it’s listening God and what His Word is teaching. So, I’m sure that there is a message from my Creator in this and I thank Him for it!

What about you? Has your Creator been trying to tell you things and you know it, but you keep trying to discount it as just “coincidence” or “luck” or “odd” etc. You should pay attention and listen, maybe these things are not just happening….

Hmmm, now that I think about it. Maybe it was to remind me to call back at work since I hadn’t heard from my coworkers about the status on a work ticket I was working on,

… Lesson learned! 

Oh, Yea!! Our Creator knows what’s going on in our lives.

Wayne Hollyoak