So Many Amazing Things

I could continue to flog a dead horse. But, what’s the point? Evolution is an embaressment to me in that I at one time took the notion seriously. And even after leaving that mess behind, I still took science seriously.

As you start to look at living things as carefully engineered, introduced and sustained works of art you start to understand Whom we are going to answer to.

Tiger Beetle
Tiger Beetle Ready for Action!

 Take a close look at a tiger beetle some time. You’ll see that not all beetles are the same. These little fellows look like track stars in there dazzling candy apple blue or green warm up suits. They can outpace any hiker that cares to get too close with their quickness and agility on foot or on the wing. I doubt that you’ll ever manage to catch on by hand and you’ll no doubt regret it if you do. That they exist testifies to an immesurable feat of engineering, skill and wisdom!

How about the cat? She has a body as flexible as a wet noodle and yet stealth, speed and the reflexes of , well, hmm, what can it be compared with? They are apex predators and yet symbolic of grace and beauty and in so many odd ways wonderfully unique in the animal kingdom. Somehow they manage to tear apart their prey with a confusing sort of daintyness.

The Powerful Bobcat

Look at the horse and try to imagine a more perfectly engineered creature for human transport. His size, power and temperment are a perfect match, not to mention the mane to hold on to and the back that is just right for comfortable saddles and long head that steers so well and his mouth accepts the bit. How extremely thoughtful our Creator was when He engineered the horse!!!

What about the tick and the mosquito that constantly remind us that we are flesh? All those stars in the sky serve simply as lights and yet so many are actually galaxies so far away that we can only see how they were some remote time in the past. Even so, Jesus taught that, “heaven and earth will pass away and yet my words shall not pass away.” The moon goes around the earth constantly in order to wash the seas clean by the tides and help sea currents on their ways.

The clock is ticking on this universe and one day it will be over. It will have served its purpose and we will all face the next chapter of our existence. Our Creator has done everything needed to prepare a way for us to be saved and that Way is Jesus His own Son.

Wayne Hollyoak

The Rise of Science and the Fall of Man

People we call, “scientists”, love to criticize the Bible. It seems to be a favorite passtime among the intellectuals of our age. Little do they seem to know or care that every idle word we say will be held in account in the day of judgement that is coming. Science is a great lewd monolith erected in the face of our Creator that symbolizes a world crazed by its own pride. The irony is that with all the revelation of the wonder and majesty of the heavens and the million or so species of creatures that we know about so far and yet the more convinced these people get that it all just happened by spontaneous generation. That is without any guiding intelligence involved in any of its creation.

With all of its great boasting and fanfare about its achievements, science has managed to do nothing more than fall flat on its face and splash its filth all over us and God’s fantastic creation. Science is a great floundering beast that is swallowing naive men and woman as well as a generation of children being forced to confess Darwin before men. They declare, “salvation comes by evolution taught unfettered”. That’s what they tell us, but their real concern is that children might turn into “ignorant creationists” that is they may not worship science as the pinnacle of man’s greatness and glory.

It seems fitting that the greatest hero of science would also be its greatest joke. Charlie Darwin and his obsurd version of spontaneous generation that has become the symbol of a generation totally self-absorbed. What we really need to do is consider the ant and be wise. Look into the fantastic creative effort expressed in nature and the universe we are permitted to experience and start to appreciate the Holy One that is behind it and our own existence. It’s all documented in the Creator’s Book, the Bible.

Wayne Hollyoak

Thoughts on the Nye – Ham Evolution Debate

Mr. Nye definitely expressed his huge faith in the institution we call, “science”. One of the main things he harped on over and over was the predictive ability of modern theories from science over the Biblical perspective. The Bible gives a very brief summary of how the God of Heaven went about creating everything at that time which was, “In the beginning”. It gives us the information we need to know and that’s all. All science does is observe the present and extrapolates forwards and backwards basing everthing on what we see happening now. Science predicts that what is happening now will continue in the future. Well at least as far as we have been able to observe and for the past 100 years that thinking seems to have worked for the most part. In the same breath he insists that the universe is many billions of years old and expects us to respect the assertion of his beloved “science” that that 100 years of observed natural processes must be applied to all the rest of that span of time!

Ham resisted that notion entirely and reminded the audience that observable processes can only be applied to the here and now and to extend them beyond the observed period requires faith in multitudes of assumptions. Faith in the Biblical perspective only requires have less faith in science and more trust in our Creator to give us the account of what really happened and what none of us was able to observe first hand.

Nye preached faith in science and Ham preached faith in our Creator and His account of how we got here. It amazes me that after all this time since Huxley and the X-Club started their efforts to turn the world away from the Bible and our Creator, science is still harping on the same line. Science is better than the Bible because it is man-centered and managable intellectually. The Bible predicts that man has been, is, and will continue to be  fallible and selfish and generally doesn’t have a clue.  The apish enterprise we call, “science” has effectively proven that these Biblical teachings hold true. Maybe that is an unfair comparison for the apes seem to know their place better than we.

“Man at his very best state is altogether vanity…”

Wayne Hollyoak