Have You Really Thought it Thru?

It’s getting harder and harder for me to get the fact that thinking people of “science” who seem to have the most intimate knowledge of how living things are made can still insist on the evolution or common-descent creation fable popularized by Darwin. It really shows just how disconnected biology has become from the rest of humanity’s understanding of reality. It stands in the face of everything we understand about how living things do change. The rate at which changes do take place in nature and the amount of change that is reasonably possible is pretty well known, I remember going to the Smithsonian Museum back in the 70’s and looking at a display that illustrated the range of variability in a species of butterfly. The color patterns on their wings varied in some ways, but other than that they were quite the same.

There are moths that resemble bees and flies that resemble moths and no one suggests that there is any sort of transition going on between these groups because of them. That’s because flies and bees are so very differently engineered from the others they were designe to mimic and it is accepted that they will remain that way. Which reminds me of the breadth and depth of engineering invested in each and every species of living thing! Every one a masterpiece, a tour de force of immeasurable wisdom and a comprehensive understanding of the matter, energy transfer, ecology, genetics, information storage and retrieval systems, artistry and the list goes on and on!!! This is infinite IQ kinds of stuff way out of the scope of human comprehension.

 In no way does the “great enterprise of science” expose its vast ignorance of the reality behind living things including ourselves than in its romance with evolution. It completely negates any valuable gains that could have been made in its quest to expand human understanding. The reality of the diversity and beauty of living things commands respect for the person and the mind behind it! That very person walked the earth as Jesus of Nazareth and settled the accounts against each of us who will turn from our vile spontaneous generation creation fables(aka neo-darwinism evolution) and confess Jesus is Lord of His creation and our loving Savior! Read all about it for yourself in the Creator’s handbook, the Bible. In it it says, “The highway of the upright is to depart from evil!”

Wayne Hollyoak