The Unknown is Still Unknown

We’ve made great strides in our understanding of the cosmos- or have we? Nearly everything that’s “understood” about space is based on circumstantial evidence. In fact, nearly everything in science is based on circumstatial evidence. You can set up any experiment you want and the results will always be based on circumstance.  You can reduce the degree of uncertainty that a given correlation is meaningful and yet never be able to eliminate the possibility of coincidence.

For all we know the atomic theory of electrons spinning around nuclei and such is all an illusion designed to spin us away from what matter is really made of. Quantum physics certainly raises some questions about it. At least electron microscopy appears to add a measure of confidence as it seems to enable us to see the tiny atoms as round objects. It amazes me that people who study the cosmos are so quick to explain things that are supposedly millions of light years away. How often do they recognize an intelligent creator as behind their existence? Or should I say, how consistently do they fabricate imaganitive stories of how the existance of this celestial object or that created themselves entirely by “natural” processes.

Science is in the business of figuring out everything that man cannot possibly understand. Once you account for an intelligent creator to be behind any object, you can no longer understand how it actually works or the process that was behind its existence. That is, of course, unless you are privy to information made available by the creator himself. In the case of this physical universe, that would be God Himself, its Creator.

Whenever anyone claims a creator of this universe and us doesn’t exist, he or she is in effect putting themself in His place. This is true of any religious cult. The leaders always try to remake the real Creator into a god that suits them. The Roman “catholic” church renamed the characters in their pantheon with names from Christianity.  Artemis or Diana, the Roman “virgin god” was renamed “Mary” and given a throne next to her “son”, renamed, “Jesus”. This so-called, Mary is same old “mother of god” abomination that Jeremiah, the Apostle Paul and Silas distanced themselves from vehemently! (Mary, who maintained her virginity until Jesus’ birth later had other children by human conception by her husband losing that virginity.) Joseph Smith also tried to sanctify Pagan gods by renaming them. Satan’s “brother” is renamed “Jesus” and for some reason Smith renamed the pagan demon “Moron”, as “Mormon” and claims it as the source of his phony scriptures that teach his home grown stories about himself as someone great and deserving of as many wives as he wanted. 

Science also claims to reveal things it doesn’t really understand and cannot understand. Sadly it does so with an air of credibility. Science treats The Creator of this universe as if He doesn’t exist and then wonders why He doesn’t perform for them in ways that persuade them that He does. The irony is that He is constantly at work sustaining and providing for us and we prefer to ignore the fact.

If you trust your Creator, you will see science as the backward human enterprise that it is. As a believer in Jesus Christ as equal with our Creator and the person behind everything that exists, science just crumbles into another hill of beans like all the other religions of the world. If you believe in science that’s your false religion filled with man’s notions and pride. With that and 5 dollars you can get a cup of stale coffee.

Reality is far more mysterious and wonderful with only a tiny bit of it accessible to human scrutiny. To begin to find out what the rest of it is about, you’ll need to end your rebellion and sin and look to Jesus Christ as God in the flesh and ask His forgiveness. If you don’t, you’ll pay for not obeying God’s commandments with hell.

“Broad is the way that leads to destruction…Narrow is the way that leads to life and few there will be that find it.” Jesus told us, “I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man comes to the Father except by Me.”

Maybe They Should Scrap It

Cosmology has to be the bologna king! Where do they come up with this stuff? A nova, the “birth of a star”, a “planet made of diamonds”, “gases condensing in space”? Science is lost in space and Dr. Smith is sure that the robot is just a big babbling buffoon. They tell us these objects out there are “light years” away and yet they know everything about them. Their age, how they got there, what planets are circling the stars, their size, composition, atmosphere contents and if they are anything like earth. The whole science of cosmology is well, far fetched.

If these guys really want to make a profound statement about the cosmos, it would go more like this, “we are astonished by all we see and the mystery of it all just keeps growing!” If they were wise, they’d just leave it at that. But, that’d be only partly true, cause we know that the Creator engineered it. Their purpose is to be lights for us and help us keep track of days and seasons. Anything beyond that is second guessing at best and vulgar for the most part.

First there was “atomic theory”, then there was “quantum” theory and they “string theory” and now it’s the “Higg’s Boson” or the “God Particle” and who knows what they’ll dream up next. Sometimes I wonder if E=mc2 wasn’t some tongue in cheek from the great theorist. It really seems that Einstien was just using the speed of light squared in the equation as a handy expression of enormity since the units that each represents aren’t even given. It just sounds like a clever was of stating that there’s a load of energy available in them thar masses! It’s relative, that’s all.

Well anyway, my point is that if scientists are really after the truth and any understanding of this reality, they ought to first confess that what those heavenly bodies are and how they were made is a MYSTERY! And if they were honest, they’d just leave it at that! Sorry folks the show is over, gasses don’t compress in space to make baby stars. All that stuff is way too far away to really be understood!

Wayne Hollyoak