The Teachings of Xmas

There are some strange things happening in our society. All while I was growing up Christmas was considered the biggest holiday in the US. There really seemed to be a strong tradition of celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, who was born of a virgin, wrapped in swaddling cloths what that all meant.

Gradually though, the celebration of death, darkness, hell and demons has grown into the new passion of our nation. So called, “Halloween” has begun to be celebrated with the same if not more passion as Christmas. This is indicative of a change of heart in our country and much of the worlds. Christmas, as it is celebrated today is just a shell of what it once meant. Christ Jesus has been x’ed out and replaced with Santa. Children are being brainwashed into puting their faith and trust in Santa. I’ve tried to help parents come clean with their children on their lies about the reality of Santa. I worry that their children will resent them for making fools out of them and it will damage their children’s trust in them.

Children want to trust their parents and look up to them. The more children love and respect and trust their parents the more it hurts them when they find out that their parents were conning them for years. But, this is just one of the many ways that parents can easily alienate their once loving and devoted children. Who is it that finally reveals the truth about Santa? It’s the other children. This teaches them that other children can be trusted, adults, and particularly their parents, cannot be trusted.

Patents tell their children that drugs are bad, foul language is bad, evil is bad and so on. The other children tell them those things are cool, so who will they believe? The schools are teaching them that we are “primates” or grandchildren of monkeys and that we came from nothing totally by accident. Many see their lives as useless and meaningless and so without hope, death becomes an obsession, the way out of the misery of a meaningless existence.

The Santa fable is mixed with the bribery of Santa’s gift bags and chimney entrance as a fake cover for mom and dad giving children gifts. I was one of those kids that had enough skeptisism in my parents that I just played along with it and realized that they were upholding a dumb tradition. I’ve spoken to parents that were a little concerned that their child was a little too devoted to Santa, to the point that they would tell off other children that tried to tell them the truth about the Santa fable.

I tried to encourage them to come clean with their child, but they were afraid of the consequences and held to the lie that it won’t really hurt them. The painful truth is, the more your children trust you, the more your lies about Santa will hurt them and damage that trust. Don’t kid yourself! All those sweet movies about children putting their hope and faith in that non-existant Santa Claus and make them believe in Santa’s reality are only pitting your children against you in the end.

Do them and yourself a huge favor and teach your children that Santa doesn’t exist.  Let them know very clearly from day one that Santa, or Father Christmas, or St. Nicolas is a old traditional myth that parents think they need to tell their children. There is no Santa folks, it’s all just a fable.

If you want to tell them something meaningful and true, teach them about the baby born of a virgin in a stable adored by shepherds and the declaration of angels to them that Christ is born! Our Creator came to suffer and die to save us from our sins! We are offered God’s peace and forgiveness for our sins by His grace by faith in Jesus! AMEN!!!

Wayne Hollyoak

Flies in the Ointment


fly preserved in amber
Flies are Still Flies after How Many Years?

What would it be like in a world without flies? Flies keep the world tidy and sanitary. Their babies, known as maggots, eat and disinfect dead and rotting flesh quickly and efficently. They make it much more difficult for deadly diseases to spread and possibly wipe out life on earth. How many T-rex’s would have succombed to gangrene after  being injured in a battle with triceratops had there not been flies around to treat the wounds?

Cleanup crews like flies are an important part of any ecosystem. Flies preserved in ancient sap from trees go way back to the days of dinos pretty much unchanged from their present form. Well of course, there’s always been the need for recycling and “decomposition” as the say.

So, how could any ecosystem have survived without them? For me, the answer is simple. They’ve likely always been around. Living things tend to be eco-dependent. We need other creatures to tend to our living by maintaining our environment and we need them to tend to our death as well.

Why are so many people shamelessly cursing the Engineer that put everything here including ourselves? Won’t the Creator hold us all accountable just as everything in the ecosystem maintains the necessary checks and balances? As a young college student of biology I had to make a choice as to whether I would risk loosing my soul by abandoning all faith in God as the teachings of evolutionism were tempting me to commit that sort of blasphemy. Today, I know that the Creator Himself enabled me to hold on to that bit of faith that remained in me.

Are you dissing your Creator? Have you used the name of Jesus in any sort of disrespectful way? Blasphemy is a serious crime against our Creator and it WILL be punished with death. Jesus received that punishment for us on a cross made from a tree that He engineered for us. Unless we repent and turn to Him in faith, we will remain on death row because of our crimes, our failures to keep the 10 commandments. If you have ever abused the name of Jesus your Creator, you have commited blasphemy and will go to hell for you crime! You must repent and believe Jesus, the Messiah to be saved from God’s wrath for such a vile act. This goes for any failures you may have in obeying the ten commandments of our Creator.

For me, all bets on Darwin’s creation story are off. Let’s put all our faith in Jesus, our Creator!

Wayne Hollyoak