The Religion of Evolutionism

Here are some of the reasons why evolution must be regarded as a religious faith.

As a religious faith evolutionism teaches the following:

  1. Materialism: the notion that all of reality is composed of detectible materials and that these materials have come into existence by spontaneous generation.
  2. Uniformitarianism: the notion that all of the physical laws at work in the present have always been in effect as they exist today and always will be in effect.
  3. Common Descent: All living things have a single common “single-celled” ancestor.
  4. Spontaneous Generation: All matter and energy appeared without any intelligence behind it, as well as genetic information used to produce all species past present and future has been spontaneously generated via “mutation”. (AKA “neo-darwinism” or the “modern synthesis”) (with the exception of human produced genes)
  5. Passive Engineering: All engineering of all biological systems of every living creature known to exist is exclusively the result of trial and error favoring or eliminating of each and every existing spontaneously generated gene. (AKA “natural selection”)
  6. Animalism: Because evolutionism asserts that mankind has been created naturally and accidentally from animal ancestors, mankind must also be part of the “animal kingdom” and therefore is also nothing more than another species of animal.
  7. Humanism: Humans are accountable to no one but themselves and society. Humans are free to set our own moral standards.
  8. Salvation: There is no afterlife and so life has no intrinsic significance or purpose. (reproduction and working to preserve the environment to benefit future generations is optional).
  9. Abortion: Human beings are free to kill other human beings deemed genetically inferior, inconvenient, or otherwise unwanted via abortion.
  10. Diety: Nature and the physical laws in effect today constitute this feeble un-god. And yet, to those that believe in this lame unthinking nature-god thing, it is to them a genius without a brain.
  11. Heaven: Evolutionism sees no afterlife whatsoever and so robs its followers of this great hope and motivation to be and do their best in this life.
  12. Hell: in Evolutionism, there is no teaching about the dire consequences of sin. No place of eternal damnation, no lake of fire exists in this Darwinian “la, la, land”.

Evolutionism is a religion by any reasonable estimation!

And so, as religious doctrine, evolutionism set standards for human behavior. By teaching its followers that they are just animals and that there is no real Holy God that we will answer to for violating certain laws. Evolutionism is the state religion in the US and many other countries around the world. So called, “science” has been in bed with this religion for a long time now and has convinced itself that it isn’t faith but fact. Creationists have debunked evolution’s so-called “science” over and over in the past 50 or so years and instead of admitting common descent is bunk, evolutionists have attacked creationist and proponents of ID.

Wayne Hollyoak


That’s what we can learn from science. Jesus taught that those that think they can see are blind and that He will give sight to those that cannot see. Because science claims to have knowledge and a clear picture of reality, it exposes itself as a fraud. Many people today claim to have faith in Jesus but place their real faith in science. Anything that you place more faith in then Christ Jesus is an idol and idolaters will have their place in the lake of fire unless they repent and place their faith in Christ first above all.

Science is all about men saying ignorant things about things that they think they understand. The main push of modern science is to perpetuate the question that the devil asked Eve in the Garden of Eden, “Has God said…?”

Scientists work feverishly to figure out how God’s creation works and then they insist that those that give the real Creator, Christ Himself, credit for it are “unscientific”. Then they flounder all over themselves with flowing words in order to justify their passion for turning children away from their trust and faith in the real Jesus who created them! Jesus taught that if anyone offends little children that trust in Him, it would be better for their offender that a millstone was hung around their neck and they were thrown into the midst of the sea.

In their vulgar hypocrisy scientists are now trying to pursuade us that those that want to teach children that we were designed by a real Creator are somehow stifling their education. The truth is they want all children to have a godless education. They want them to grow up to be godless adults like themselves. Godless science boasts great things and has nothing to offer, clouds without rain.

Those few that call themselves “scientists” out there that glorify our Creator in spite of the “majority of scientists” who glorify Darwin’s pathetic creation myth, I hope you will remain strong in your faith in our Lord Jesus.

Wayne Hollyoak

Why are You Here?

There is only One Way for you to find out. Our Creator’s handbook for humanity is called the “Bible”. Trust your Creator and open the Bible and pray to Him asking Him to give you understanded of His plans for you personally. The Old Testament is a schoolmaster to bring humanity to the Messiah, Jesus the Christ. It shows us that we are sinners in need of God’s forgiveness. The New Testament reveals God’s plan of forgiveness and salvation thru Jesus.

The only way that each of us can find fulfillment in this life and be ready for the next life is by listening to our Creator and learning from Him. He is waiting to hear from you… Find out who Jesus really IS from reading and carefully and prayerfully listening to the teaching of the Bible. Trust Him and turn from your way to His and you will be saved. That’s the beginning point of His plan for you!

Wayne Hollyoak

What Happened to Mars?

One of my earlier posts was about the “Valles Marineras” I think it is called. That is a very interesting region on the red planet and I’m quite sure that it’s a scar left by an enormously devestating and powerful event that took place some time in the planet’s past. If Mars ever was supportive of a carbon-based ecosystem, that event would have put a fiery end to it.

The "scar" called Valles Marineras on Mars

I’m pretty sure that a rather large comet or asteroid punched thru the planet’s crust at a certain angle and speed that let it travel quite a distance beneath the surface opening the huge fissure along the planet’s surface and spewing an incredibly huge amount of debris way out into space which fell into obits of their own producing what we refer today as the, “asteroid belt”. The scar is actually a rupture of the of the side of the planet with a rather clear circular entrance and exit scar at its beginning and end.

If this is what really happened to Mars, it would have vaporized all carbon-based living things as the planet-wide firestorm consumed all the oxygen if it was ever present. I doubt that any trace of life would have not been destroyed and any surface water would have expanded and been pushed out into open space. Of course there is nothing to say that there ever was any life on the planet. Today all that appears to be left of any atmosphere is a little carbon dioxide.

Vesta is a giant asteroid with long scars. Are they from the punch thru?

From the looks of some of the surface photos I’ve viewed from the NASA site there appears to be quite a few liquid lakes that would presuably contain CO2 in the liquid state although NASA so far has not confirmed this publicly at least. Now I could be wrong about the CO2 lakes it could just be that the gas is denser in those regions or some strange optical effect giving the appearance of liquid lakes.

Oxygen in earth’s atmosphere is stabilized with a generous amount of nitrogen and CO2 so that it won’t ignite in a worldwide firestorm killing everthing. In a Northern Russian region called, “Tunguska” there was the site of an enourmous explosion in the early 1900’s. I”m guessing that was a natural gas explosion where a large area of land was filled with an accumulation natural gas in sufficient concentration that when Mr. Tesla was playing with his atmospheric high voltage electrical experiments attempting to make some sort of aurora on the polar region in order to be seen by some polar explorers, that this intense electrical atmospheric charge set off the built up natural gas causing an explosion big enough to level vast regions of large forests trees like dominos falling away from the epicenter of the blast.

Most seem to hold to the meteor bolide explanation for this, but to date no evidence of a crater or sufficient meteor fragments have been found there to support their claim. As huge as that explosion must have been, it’s small change compared to the energy that would have been released into the Mars atmosphere during a moon sized asteroid/comet punch thru.

Could Mars ever be able to support carbon-based life like on Earth?? Possibly, but it would take a huge amount of work and time to induce the ecologic succession of events needed to get things going. Start with CO2 metabalizing extremophile bacteria and let them start pumping out nitrogen gas and oxygen until the atmosphere becomes dense enough to moderate and elevate the air temperatures to the point that you could set loose various hydrogen producers so that that hydrogen-rich atmosphere could combine with the growing amount of oxygen and gradually the CO2 would be replaced by water ice and snow until conditions for photosynthesizing plant life could be established. If the atmospheric temperature could rise enough to allow water to thaw you could add all sorts of plants to raise the oxygen levels sufficiently and away you go.

Obviously, this is something that is way out of the our league as humans. There may not be any creatures still in existence capable of surviving on Mars in its current state. To really prime the pump of any ecosystem from scratch you need to be fantastically powerful and intelligent! Only the glorious Creator revealed in the Bible is capable of such a thing. Jesus did so on this planet and He could do so on others as well if He wished.

Of course it would require very careful planning and diligent work by huge armys of people to pull such a thing off. When our Creator did so here on earth, he had all the resource in heaven at His disposal if He wanted. He also had complete control of what sorts of “cultivating” creatures He wanted to use to make our ecosystem come into being.

What a fantastic and wonderful place He has made for us!!! If you don’t know Him, get to know Him thru His Son, Jesus the Christ. He said, “I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life, no on comes to the Father but through Me.”

Wayne Hollyoak

Thoughts on the Serpent and Eve

The account of the fall of Adam and Eve in Genesis is one of the best known events recorded in the Scriptures. This past weekend my wife and I taught about this to some 4th graders in Sunday School. One child said that snakes don’t speak and I thought about that for a while. I know that the One who engineered that serpent would have no problem giving it human speech if the occasion called for it.

But, there is an interesting detail in the account that makes THIS serpent far more mysterious. After it conned Eve into her sin and later Adam’s sin, the Creator placed a curse on the serpent so that it would have to crawl on its belly from then on. So, what was the serpent like before it crawled on its belly as snakes do now? Some time back I saw one of the Jurrasic Park movies and in one scene a voicebox like object from velociraptor is shown to give evidence that the velociraptor was well equipped for vocal communication.

Could Satan have used a v-raptor as his mouthpiece in the Garden that day? There’s certainly no way to tell what the pre-fall serpent looked like, but it must have had legs. Today nearly all reptiles are mute and most use hissing sounds when threatened. Alligators can utter low frequency rumbles. If it was a v-raptor, it no doubt would have been guite an experience for Eve. It makes me wonder if other dinosaurs were reengineered as creatures we refer to as “snakes” today. That would help explain why so many kinds of snakes exist today.

The Creator is free to reengineer any of  His creatures at will whenever He chooses just as the Bible tells us he did with the once-legged, but now legless serpent. Transforming any creature into something very different that can continue to reproduce and thrive will always require an Engineer of enormous skill and wisdom.

Wayne Hollyoak