The Flood of Noah was Metamorphic

I’ve never had the pleasure of looking at the Grand Canyon in person. But, from the pictures I’ve seen, it must be extremely impressive! What a dramatic statement it makes about the last great worldwide flood! Scientism here again shows itself as deeply ignorant of what is obvious to the rest of mankind. We have all seen how floods can carve out areas of soft sediments and form all sorts of small ruts exposing the layers of sediments as the water rushes over them from pools of water upstream.

Storm Erosion
Storm Runoff

We all know that the power of water runoff from a worldwide flood would create erosion on a “grand” scale. There would be sediments of various types reflecting the various regions being drained at different stages of the gigantic runoff event. Some layers containing more dissolved minerals than others would mean that some layers would solidify and harden, others wouldn’t forming the visible strata. The Creator shows us in the Book of Genesis that the earth originally had a single land mass.

Today there are many continents as we call them. If there was large scale geological transformation during the time that the earth was covered entirely by a single sea- for almost a year according to Genesis and vast movement of the “tectonic plates”, there would have been enormous turbulance and tsunamic events.

The fact that Noah’s ship, or “ark” survived the ordeal tells me that the Creator was protecting the boat and its occupants in a very gracious way!

Wayne Hollyoak

The Greatest Armies in Existence

There are great armies that live all around us. These armies are made up of insects engineered to build complex networks of  nurseries, food stores, lounges, ventilation shafts, and even latrines. Perhaps the most ecologically critical of these insect armies are the bees, ants and termites. Without these wonderfully designed armies, the earth’s ecosystem would collapse in short order.

The bees are responsible for enabling the continued existence of most of the flowering plants including crops and orchards worldwide. Plants have been engineered to depend on these bees for pollenation so they can reproduce. Some plants depend on birds and even bats to complete their life cycles, but for the most part it’s the bees that get the job done.

Bee at work
The bees we see out about aren’t capable of reproduction, yet they carry out all of the food gathering tasks. Each hive contains a large queen that lays all the eggs and only certain eggs are treated with special sucretions to produce the individuals capable of reproduction and the formation of new hives. The honey is produced within the worker bees and deposited in carefully crafted wax cells for the nourishment of the developing baby bees. The bees even have the knowledge of how to communicate the precise location of food sources to one another when back inside the hive.

Ants at work

Ants were created to work the soil and make it suitable for plant growth. Their workers do not fly, but instead walk around looking for food and leaving scent trails for the others to follow and help with gathering the food for their often vast underground colonies. In the process of building their complex system of rooms and passageways undergound they break up, aerate and fertilize the often hard ground. Each queen ant can breed a variety of specialized ants. They even will breed soldiers that are bigger and more powerful that can protect the colony from intruders.

Termites turn dead trees into compost and mulch that enrich the forest floor and remove the clutter of dead and fallen trees that can hinder the movement of larger animals throughout the woods. A few other insects help them with this job. But, termites do the bulk of the dead tree removal services. Without the termites, the forests would not be able to survive very long.

Each of these crucial insects depend on complex social structures and must build their own living quarters. They are testaments to the engineering skills and the power used to get these creatures in the places they are needed. Jesus has done this for our sakes in order for us to thrive these many years on His planet.

Wayne Hollyoak

Blinded by the Light

The mindless dribble trying to perpetuate the myth of evolution will perhaps continue for yet a while. With 150 or so years of momentum behind it and so many have fallen to its weirdness, it may haunt us for a while.

That aside, let’s move back to reality and the enormously wonderfully engineered living things that Jesus has created all around us. The level of complexity, efficiency and integrity that exists in even the tiniest of creatures should command our deepest respect and devotion to Jesus and the Father and cause us to be filled with gratitude to His Spirit that leads us to the Truth that makes us free.

As a student of entomology I have come to better appreciate the little creatures that are easily overlooked. As small as most insects are, they are the wonderful housekeepers of our planet home. There’s been such an enormous amount of engineering invested in them so that they can work tirelessly to serve us. Some of them are even designed to help us with our pride though we may be less grateful for them then the others. There may be a million different kinds of beetles which are the most wonderfully diverse group of all living things! Many are painted with the most brilliant colors and ornate bodies in the animal kingdom. The magnificent tiger beetles dash swiftly and silently ahead of us as we walk along dusty paths on hot summer days. Ladybugs with their bright colors and spots and lightning bugs with their flashing lights bring smiles to the faces of children everywhere. They spend a good part of their lives as grubs that so many animals find as tasty meals like the meal worms most of us are familiar with.

The amount of engineering invested in these creatures alone is mind boggling to say the least. The light of our Creator’s love revealed in His creatures and the huge unmeasurable wealth of brilliance in the design of each and every one should move us to repentence from our careless selfish lifestyles, to a life of thanksgiving and devotion to Jesus! Science is a product of human pride and “because they claim to see, they remain blind”. It’s only when we acknowledge that only our Creator can open our eyes that the blinders can be removed so we can really see…

Wayne Hollyoak

Simplistic Science

I’ve been thinking about how pathetic science has become as a result of taking it’s prefered path down the atheistic road to nowhere. I try to keep track of the comments made of various sites about ID and give the antichristian scoffers something to chew on. Just throw out a little bone to see if they can grasp the fact that Darwin was out to lunch with his self-made creation fable.

Science has lifted up its voice against our real Creator and His people and the end of that sort of sin is never good! Think of it, is there another religion in all the world that has invented a more simplistic and pathetic creation myth as evolution? It’s like saying that the Mona Lisa is a finger painting made be a 2 year old only several orders of magnitude more vile.

I’m saying all this because I know that there are still a few out there that care about the truth. So, I want you to know that the Spirit of Jesus the Christ IS the Spirit of Truth! If anyone will come to Him, they will know the Truth and the Truth will set them free!

So, I’m embarassed to admit that I ever had respect of science and I feel badly for anyone who still does. They have less understanding of what life is really about then a newborn and yet they talk like they have just about all the universe figured out.

The scientist boasts of his published babblings about this and that,
that tickle the ears of his peers with a rat a tat tat.
He pursues his research and experimental studies,
To skillfully pursuade his doubtful buddies.

In Darwin’s pigeon cage he sits
though when the creationist rattles it
He won’t fly out but rather fits.
He prefers the voice of the dead man,
that has imprisoned his soul.

His pride soars above the heavens,
his mind flys far above his head,
The scientist goes up to his highest perch,
To fool himself that his Creator is not.

Darwin had many pigeons then and many more today.
They still sit in his cage and every so often a creationist,
Comes along to try to clean his mess out.
With great wise sounding words the pigeon talks down to him
They smear their mess on them if they can.

But, who really cares what the scientist has to say,
Other than the other pigeons in Darwin’s cage?

Wayne Hollyoak

What’s Really Understood About Space?

NASA's Voyager Spacecraft


Two similar spacecraft that were launched back in the 70’s are approaching the edge of our solar system. They both have nuclear powered batteries that allows them to keep their electrical systems alive indefinitely without depending on solar panels.  As the light from the Sun becomes less intense to the point that they are not of much use.  At some point it is expected that the direction of motion of the solar wind will change and cease to be predominantly from our sun signalling their departure from the sphere of our star’s influence and entrance into “interstellar space” as they say.

NASA expects this to happen for the further of the two craft at any time assuming that this threshold is uniformly spherical in shape. Assuming also that this is what will happen at all since such an event has never been studied directly in this way. How will radio transmission be effected by this transition? Will the power of the signal fall off somehow or remain the same? We can only guess what will happen. There will no doubt be some surprises in store as old theories make way for new ones.

As I’ve said before, we must have a deep respect for the Creator before ever coming to a real understanding of His Creation and that includes “space”. Those that assume that the universe was “spontaneously generated” like much of “modern science” rely completely on existing physical laws to explain everything about everything. Once you come to realise that there is a Creator behind it all, you know the physical “laws” are completely plastic to this Creator. I prefer to call them the “properties of the present physical state” which have been put into effect at this time. How long this has been so and how long it will continue is impossible to determine and is totally up to this immeasurably, immensely powerful person.

The same person that humbled Himself and took on the form of a humble servant as Jesus.

Wayne Hollyoak